Germany, 19th century. – …once upon a time, a chemist by the name of Justus Liebig (1803 – 1873) had the grandiose idea of extracting beef and giving the sickening cholera-stricken daughter of a colleague the extract as a fortifying diet. The young girl recovered, and the positive effect of the meat extract received more and more attention. Soon after, the beef surplus was used in Uruguay and Argentina and the beef extract was able to conquer the world.


Don’t worry, this won’t be an extended history lesson, but beef extract has a long and exciting story. As early as the 17th century, there were isolated households that produced meat extracts in cube form and used them as “portable soup”. It wasn’t until Justus Liebig, however, that beef extract received an industrial boost and took on an important role as rations on ships and in the various war troops. At that time, there were no in-depth data analyses or nutritional value tables, but it was clear that beef extract had a positive effect on the body and was extremely nutritious – which was particularly helpful in the difficult times of the time.


Hard times in that sense no longer exist, yet beef extract continues to be a great product for enhancing a gravy or other delicacy. Traditional beef extract can be described as a pasty light to dark brown mass and can contain up to 7% creatinine. It is important that it is free of fat and coagulating proteins, and does not contain oestrogen or antibiotics. Over time, beef extract has been developed further and it can now also be used in powder form. We mainly offer beef extract in powder form – you get the same quality as in paste form, but you also have the option of incorporating the positive properties into your dry soup or sauce and refine your recipe with this high-quality flavour enhancer.

Application and advantages

Das Rindfleischextrakt ist unkompliziert anwendbar und liefert Deiner Rezeptur eine zusätzliche Geschmacksintensivierung. Sie ist nichts für strenge Veganer, – dafür freuen sich die Flexitarier umso mehr! Das Rindfleischextrakt unterstützt mit dem konzentrierten Kreatinin Gehalt von bis zu 7 % die Fleischausweisung in deiner Sauce, Bouillon, Suppe oder anderen Kreation. Mit der hohen Kreatininkonzentration benötigst du dementsprechend wenig Extrakt und kannst ohne Weiteres die Bestimmungen der Lebensmittelverordnung einhalten.


Das Rindfleischextrakt hat nicht ohne Grund eine lange Geschichte. Es ist nahrhaft, schmeckt gut und verfeinert deine Rezeptur. Dank des hohen Gehalts an Kreatinin kannst du es schon in kleinen Mengen anwenden und kannst ohne Weiteres den Mindestanforderungen gerecht werden. Das Rindfleischextrakt gibt es in Pulverform, wenn gewünscht auch pastös und findet somit in jeden deiner Fleischanwendungen einen schmackhaften Platz.

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