During the flu season, people are very concerned with their defences. But how do you boost your immunity and stay healthy? These questions concern us ALL, either as private individuals or as manufacturers of food supplements. When you develop products to strengthen the immune system and thereby protect people during the winter months, you are making a big difference!

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Originating from South America, acerola cherries are known to have exceptionally high levels of vitamin C, helping to maintain our immune system.


The fruit, which comes from the rose plants, is one of the fruits richest in vitamins and contains vitamin C, among other things. The defences are not only strengthened by rose hips, but also rebuilt if there is an immune deficiency.


Camu camu is a superfruit that comes from the Amazon region and is extremely rich in vitamin C. The intake of camu camu supports the function of the immune system.


Due to its high content of tannins, polyphenols and vitamin C, the Indian gooseberry “Amla” stimulates the immune system and is effective against bacteria as well as viruses.


The polysaccharides contained in goji berries have an immunomodulating property, which strengthens a broad spectrum of immune functions. Goji is also able to dampen down excessive immune reactions.


The adaptogens contained in ginseng contribute to the natural defence and proper functioning of the immune system. Ginseng can prevent a weakening of the immune function in stressful phases.


Ginger is characterised by a stimulating effect on the immune system and strengthens our body.


The adaptogens contained in rose root have a normalising effect on pathological changes in our body. They improve the organism’s ability to adapt to negative internal and external influences and increase the resistance of our immune system.


The extract obtained from the root of the liquorice promotes respiratory health and is a proven remedy for coughs. The saponins contained in the liquorice root extract improve immune function.


The triterpene acids contained in Boswellia Serrata extract help to alleviate respiratory problems. Boswellia also significantly improves lung and immune function.


Indian basil, also called tulsi, is one of the most sacred plants in the world. Traditionally, tulsi is used to treat the flu or a cold. In addition, the Indian remedy with a high content of tannins has antioxidant properties.


Cistus extracts are exceptionally rich in polyphenols and not only have an antiviral effect, but also stimulate the immune system. For upper respiratory tract infections, Cistus extract is very effective and relieves the symptoms.


Native to South Africa, the Pelargonium geranium species – also known as Umckaloabo – provides support to the respiratory system and improves comfort when breathing. The contained Umckalin acts against viruses & bacteria and is expectorant.


The catechins contained in green tea extracts are able to fight flu viruses by influencing the membrane of the virus in a positive way. Taking green tea extracts improves immune function and prevents colds and flu.


Elderberry is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in the world. The anthocyanins and polyphenols contained are particularly effective against influenza A and B viruses. Elderberry extracts have an immunomodulating effect on both healthy and weakened individuals.


Regular intake of Klamath strengthens the non-specific immune functions. Klamath seaweed contains important nutrients such as phycocyanin, carotenoids, essential fatty acids and all vitamins.


The polysaccharides contained in shiitake mushrooms are responsible for strengthening the immune system. It stimulates the formation of specialised immune cells in our body and is mainly used in the early stages of colds.


Immunell is a natural and safe ingredient derived from a yeast extract. Immunell with a designated content of nucleotides stimulates certain internal defences, accelerates and strengthens the immune response against external factors.