Oxy-biodegradable masterbatch

OXO-biodegradable is biodegradation that occurs through oxidative and cell-mediated phenomena, either simultaneously or sequentially.

Oxy-biodegradable masterbatch, made from polymers such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or polystyrene (PS), contains a catalyst – often a manganese or iron salt. Our masterbatch is also based on mixtures of transition metal salts and metal oxides and has the ability to degrade in nature and then biodegrade. The biodegradable masterbatch degrades much faster than ordinary plastic in the presence of oxygen.

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Mono colour masterbatches for the plastics processing industry

With our mono colour masterbatches we offer manufacturers and processors of various plastic articles a simplified possibility to colour their products.

If you are tired of using dust-dry powder pigments, painstakingly dispersing them and prefer to achieve a high-quality end product in just a few steps, then we offer you a solution here.

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SI-05 B1 – Masterbatch for scratch-resistant PP material

Manufacturers who want to improve the extrusion speed of plastic products and achieve uniform mold filling or extrusion, as well as reduce energy consumption, rely on silicone masterbatches.

We incorporate customer needs into the latest developments and keep our finger on the pulse with our innovations.

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Titanates and zirconates for plastics recycling

When recycling plastics, the proportion of polypropylene (PP) in polyethylene (PE) is limited to ~5%. As of today, mixtures of addition polymers (e.g. pure HDPE) and condensation polymers (e.g. nylon) are also incompatible. Compatibilisers are often used, but they often impair the mechanical properties of recycled plastics.

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Heat-resistant pigments FALCOHEAT

High temperature coatings are needed to protect metal surfaces such as grills, cookers, non-stick cookware, engine components, boilers, vehicle exhaust systems and even the working parts of rockets from oxidation over a long period of time. These materials are usually liquid coatings, but powder coatings have also been developed that can withstand temperatures of over 700 degrees Celsius.

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Flame retardant, perfectly hydrophobic additive for HFFR applications

In many cases, ATH/MDH fillers are the best choice to meet the standardized requirements for HFFR cable compounds. To perfectly embed the filler particles into the polymer matrix, SICO has developed an innovative additive that revolutionizes mechanical properties and LOI (limited oxigen index) of your product.

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