Titanates and zirconates for plastics recycling

When recycling plastics, the proportion of polypropylene (PP) in polyethylene (PE) is limited to ~5%. As of today, mixtures of addition polymers (e.g. pure HDPE) and condensation polymers (e.g. nylon) are also incompatible. Compatibilisers are often used, but they often impair the mechanical properties of recycled plastics.

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Heat-resistant pigments FALCOHEAT

High temperature coatings are needed to protect metal surfaces such as grills, cookers, non-stick cookware, engine components, boilers, vehicle exhaust systems and even the working parts of rockets from oxidation over a long period of time. These materials are usually liquid coatings, but powder coatings have also been developed that can withstand temperatures of over 700 degrees Celsius.

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Flame retardant, perfectly hydrophobic additive for HFFR applications

In many cases, ATH/MDH fillers are the best choice to meet the standardized requirements for HFFR cable compounds. To perfectly embed the filler particles into the polymer matrix, SICO has developed an innovative additive that revolutionizes mechanical properties and LOI (limited oxigen index) of your product.

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IR reflective pigment ( Cool Black)

In the course of energy-related façade renovation with external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), there is an unmistakable trend towards more intensive colours on façades. Customers increasingly want darker colours. The problem is that dark surfaces heat up more than light ones when exposed to sunlight. In addition, the surfaces of ETICS heat up much more intensively than solid stone masonry. Therefore, the plaster shell of an ETICS is exposed to great stresses due to the occurring, strong temperature fluctuations of the surface. Cracks and deformations are the result. If one analyses the pigment composition of dark shades with a HBW <20, one quickly finds that black pigments play a central role. The darker and thus more colour-neutral the shade, the blacker pigment is used.

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SI-03B – High Performance Silicon Masterbatch

Manufacturers who want to improve the extrusion speed of plastic products and achieve uniform mold filling or extrusion, as well as reduce energy consumption, rely on silicone masterbatches from M.G. Polyblends https://www.mg-polyblends.com.

As a long-standing partner of M.G. Polyblends, we incorporate customer needs into the latest developments and keep our finger on the pulse with our innovations.

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Expancel microspheres – in heat-insulating paints

Lighter. Stronger. Faster. Cheaper. More attractive. Longer lasting. More efficient. More sustainable.

That’s the world Expancel hollow microspheres were created for. As a long-time partner of Nouryon Expancel https://www.nouryon.com/products/expancel-microspheres/), Falcone Specialities helps developers and manufacturers in some 48 industrial applications create innovative solutions and reduce product and manufacturing costs.

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