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Sugar reduction in baked goods

Familiar taste, high-quality ingredients and real sugar reduction. Impossible? Oh yes! Acacia fibre is the secret ingredient: a clean-label solution to reduce the sugar content in your recipes without compromising on taste. When reducing sugar, it is important to balance the various properties that are usually taken over by sugar with the perfect use of alternative raw materials. Acacia fibre takes on this task as a natural texturising agent that supports you in the successful development of low-sugar products. They act as a bulking agent that restores palatability, volume and texture. Acacia fibres improve mouthfeel and help stabilise baked goods by regulating water activity. Odourless, colourless, tasteless and with low viscosity, Nexira’s acacia fibres are quite easy to use. Organic qualities are available! With a fibre content of min. 90% on dry weight, acacia fibres have a positive influence on the fibre content of your baked goods in addition to the many technological advantages.

Acacia fibres in baked goods

By regulating the water activity, acacia fibres help to improve the texture as well as the stability of the products. Furthermore, acacia fibres have a positive influence on preservation and workability.


  • Crunchier and less crumbly texture
  • Excellent sensory properties
  • Keeping baked goods fresh is extended
  • Extended shelf life
  • Fibre enrichment

Our manufacturing partner Nexira conducted a study to illustrate the effect of acacia fibre on the functional and organoleptic properties of a standard biscuit. The texture of the biscuit has been significantly improved by the use of the acacia fibres.

The higher the amount of acacia fibre used, the less crumbly the biscuits became and the better the texture. The detailed results are summarised in the table below.

Caramel sugar

Our caramelised sugars and caramel colourings have the properties to enhance the signature of products – be it by intensifying the colour and/or nuancing the flavour.

Our products are available in light to dark brown colour and in powder as well as liquid form. Due to 100% natural ingredients in selected products, clean label solutions are possible for any application.

Although the basis of these products is sugar, the products contain only a small percentage of sugar after passing through the production process.

Plant fibres in meat & substitutes

Plant fibres are extremely versatile in meat and meat substitute products. Whether in salami, kebab, sausage, minced products or vegan meat balls – the applications are enormous.

In our broad portfolio you will find wheat fibres, oat fibres, spelt fibres, bamboo fibres, sugar cane fibres, apple fibres, pea fibres, rice fibres as well as highly functional fibre blends that have been developed for very specific applications such as fat replacement. Conventional and organic qualities of most fibre types are available.

But what makes plant fibres so special? They are natural dietary fibres and help you to perfect your products. In addition, they are odourless, tasteless, temperature-stable and pH-stable, which makes them much easier to use in your products. The allergen-free plant fibres are GMO-free and can be declared as a food ingredient without an E-number. Convince yourself of the many technological, economic and nutritional benefits that are achieved through the use of plant fibres.


  • Improvement of texture, consistency and shape stability
  • Prevention of water leakage
  • Higher water and oil binding capacity
  • Longer juiciness
  • Improved freeze-thaw stability
  • Easier workability
  • Significant reduction of weight loss in smoked meat and sausage products
  • Prevention of syneresis
  • Safer and faster drying process
  • Positive effect on the minimum shelf life of the end products


  • Reduction of frying loss
  • Reduction of cooking losses
  • Higher yield
  • Cost saving due to less use of meat and/or fat
  • Reduction of losses due to frying & evaporation


  • Source of fibre
  • Fat substitute
  • Calorie reduction “light” or “low-fat” products
  • Meat substitutes, less meat consumption
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

The amount used depends strongly on the selected plant fibre, the fibre length and the desired effect. In general, the recommended dosage is between 3 – 7%, whereby an additional addition of water is necessary.

Water soluble plant extracts

Want to spice up your drinks? No problem!

The beverage industry is strongly driven by trends. But what is currently the most popular drink? Smoothies, Cold Brew Coffee or maybe your product? Now the question is how you manage to inspire your customers. Should your drink be fruity, sweet, wakeful or soothing? We have water-soluble plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powders that not only spice up your drink, but also make it unique. You alone decide what makes your drink trendy and we at Falcone Specialities are incredibly happy to help!

Meet our favorites

The sweet-sour and fruity-exotic taste of baobab powder gives your drinks a unique touch. Thanks to the high fibre content of 45% (soluble and insoluble fibre), baobab is ideal for fibre enrichment of fruit juices or smoothies. Due to its unique nutritional profile, baobab is being called the new valuable superfruit from Africa.

Guarana fruits come from the Amazon, convince with their high content of natural caffeine and are interesting for energy drinks, among other things. The slightly spicy taste of guarana extracts is very exciting in combination with other ingredients. Scientific studies show that guarana satisfies the feeling of hunger and thus also supports weight management. Our guarana extract qualities with carrier acacia fibres convince through the great properties in
Reference to the solubility in water.

From the fresh green tea leaves, which are harvested in India, the high-quality green tea extracts with good water solubility and standardisation on the ingredients are produced. The slightly bitter taste is typical for green tea extracts. Green tea extracts are valued not only for their astringent, digestive and toning properties, but also as a result of the antioxidant effect due to the polyphenols.

Cranberry extracts belong to the superfoods and are convincing due to their high fruit content and/or the PACs they contain. The berry-like flavour and pink colouring make cranberry extracts a treat not only for the palate but also for the eye.

In Tunisia, the prickly pears are harvested by hand-picking in cooperation with local farmers. The aim is to preserve the natural resources in order to ensure the high quality in the long term. The velvety, sweet and somewhat earthy taste as well as the orange colouring are convincing.

The extracts obtained from the dried hibiscus flowers convince with their flowery, slightly spicy taste and unique colouring. Our hibiscus is grown in Egypt under sustainable conditions. Hibiscus contains polyphenols that have antioxidant properties.

SANACEL® cellulose as trickling aids

Use of fibres in spices

Technological advantages

  • permanent anti-caking effect
  • improved flowability
  • Labelling without E-number is possible
  • significantly lower dust content compared to conventional anti-caking agents
  • very good properties as a flow aid in hydrophilic and lipophilic products

Possible applications:

  • as a carrier aid for spice oils and spice extracts (neutral aroma of the fibres, improved aroma stability)
  • as an anti-caking agent (due to the good water and oil binding properties, caking can be avoided)
  • as trickling aids (act as spacers between individual particles and thus improve the flow behaviour)
  • as a filler (provide a larger volume and can be added as a filler in mixtures)

Ice cream season

Get ready for the next highly popular season!
Customer needs are always changing and the demands on ice cream manufacturers are increasing. But what are the explicit wishes of the customers? Today’s ice cream consumers are environmentally and health conscious, so they expect the following:

  • Organic products
  • Natural food ingredients, E-No. free
  • Protection of the rainforest, palm oil-free ingredients
  • Lactose-free products; suitable for vegans

E-No. free as well as organic ice cream are possible! We offer you raw materials for conventional ice cream and at the same time also meet the special customer needs of today.

Clean label / organic / unique sustainability claim
Our manufacturing partner Nexira carries the E-No. free emulsifiers based on acacia fibres, unique clean-label solutions for ice cream production in the portfolio. The acacia fibres, which have to be declared as a food ingredient, are available in conventional and organic quality and are particularly suitable for clean-label products and low-fat recipes.

The product Equacia is an optimised combination of two natural fibres; the soluble acacia fibres & the insoluble, gluten-free wheat fibres. Equacia is an E-No. free binder with a low energy value and a low glycaemic index. By using Equacia as a binder, you can quickly achieve the desired texture without shearing or heating.

Lactose-free / palm oil-free
Our fat powders based on coconut, for example, are ideal ingredients for lactose-free glacés. The skimmed milk powder can be replaced with the appropriate fat powder quality and a perfect lactose-free product is created. By using coconut fat powders, you can achieve a good mouth-filling effect in your products and convince with a palm oil-free solution.

Clean Label / Organic
By using fruit powders or natural flavours, you are able to standardise the taste and colour of the different types of ice cream. The spray-dried fruit juices and freeze-dried fruit powders have an extremely intense flavour and are the ideal ingredients for your Clean Label products.

Clean Label / Organic
The 100% natural fruit sweeteners from dates, apples or grapes convince with standardised Brix contents. Liquid fruit sweeteners are available in conventional as well as organic quality. The products inspire with their colourlessness and neutral taste. By using the 100% natural fruit sweeteners without added sucrose, the amount of sugar in the recipes can be reduced without changing the texture and taste in the final product.

Clean Label / Organic
With the E-No. free caramel sugar qualities, the taste as well as the colouring is intensified. The use of caramel sugar is particularly interesting for varieties such as chocolate, coffee or nut, as it intensifies the flavouring and the brownish colouring. In addition to conventional qualities, organic qualities are also available in powder and liquid form.

Boost your immunity

During the flu season, people are very concerned with their defences. But how do you boost your immunity and stay healthy? These questions concern us ALL, either as private individuals or as manufacturers of food supplements. When you develop products to strengthen the immune system and thereby protect people during the winter months, you are making a big difference!

Meet our products!


Originating from South America, acerola cherries are known to have exceptionally high levels of vitamin C, helping to maintain our immune system.


The fruit, which comes from the rose plants, is one of the fruits richest in vitamins and contains vitamin C, among other things. The defences are not only strengthened by rose hips, but also rebuilt if there is an immune deficiency.


Camu camu is a superfruit that comes from the Amazon region and is extremely rich in vitamin C. The intake of camu camu supports the function of the immune system.


Due to its high content of tannins, polyphenols and vitamin C, the Indian gooseberry “Amla” stimulates the immune system and is effective against bacteria as well as viruses.


The polysaccharides contained in goji berries have an immunomodulating property, which strengthens a broad spectrum of immune functions. Goji is also able to dampen down excessive immune reactions.


The adaptogens contained in ginseng contribute to the natural defence and proper functioning of the immune system. Ginseng can prevent a weakening of the immune function in stressful phases.


Ginger is characterised by a stimulating effect on the immune system and strengthens our body.


The adaptogens contained in rose root have a normalising effect on pathological changes in our body. They improve the organism’s ability to adapt to negative internal and external influences and increase the resistance of our immune system.


The extract obtained from the root of the liquorice promotes respiratory health and is a proven remedy for coughs. The saponins contained in the liquorice root extract improve immune function.


The triterpene acids contained in Boswellia Serrata extract help to alleviate respiratory problems. Boswellia also significantly improves lung and immune function.


Indian basil, also called tulsi, is one of the most sacred plants in the world. Traditionally, tulsi is used to treat the flu or a cold. In addition, the Indian remedy with a high content of tannins has antioxidant properties.


Cistus extracts are exceptionally rich in polyphenols and not only have an antiviral effect, but also stimulate the immune system. For upper respiratory tract infections, Cistus extract is very effective and relieves the symptoms.


Native to South Africa, the Pelargonium geranium species – also known as Umckaloabo – provides support to the respiratory system and improves comfort when breathing. The contained Umckalin acts against viruses & bacteria and is expectorant.


The catechins contained in green tea extracts are able to fight flu viruses by influencing the membrane of the virus in a positive way. Taking green tea extracts improves immune function and prevents colds and flu.


Elderberry is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in the world. The anthocyanins and polyphenols contained are particularly effective against influenza A and B viruses. Elderberry extracts have an immunomodulating effect on both healthy and weakened individuals.


Regular intake of Klamath strengthens the non-specific immune functions. Klamath seaweed contains important nutrients such as phycocyanin, carotenoids, essential fatty acids and all vitamins.


The polysaccharides contained in shiitake mushrooms are responsible for strengthening the immune system. It stimulates the formation of specialised immune cells in our body and is mainly used in the early stages of colds.


Immunell is a natural and safe ingredient derived from a yeast extract. Immunell with a designated content of nucleotides stimulates certain internal defences, accelerates and strengthens the immune response against external factors.

Liquorice? Yes, please!

The ideal solution for your confectionery portfolio

Liquorice is the root extract of the true liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra). However, the term is also used for liquorice-based confectionery. In addition, liquorice is consumed as a salty variation and is included in numerous other products such as drinks, pastries or snacks to round off the taste and for sweetening. Our supplier offers the following variations of liquorice:

  • Liquorice pastes (easy to use)
  • Liquorice extract powder (also dust-free) from various origins
  • Liquorice powder mixtures or coatings
  • Customised flavourings

But which product clearly stands out? We at Falcone have taken a close look at the liquorice products from our manufacturer and present the liquorice paste to you in more detail.


The liquorice paste is a paste-like mixture of different liquorice blocks. Mixing guarantees consistent quality in the type and intensity of flavour, colour and viscosity. The pasty form of the product simplifies handling during application. A combination of the liquorice paste with other raw materials is possible and is offered by our manufacturing partner. This creates a “tailor-made” product. The following can be adapted:

  • the glycyrrhizin content
  • the taste (ammonia or anise)
  • other flavours if required
  • the colour
  • the addition of glucose or other starch sweetening products


Loosening liquorice blocks is a lengthy process that leads to contamination in production due to smearing or dusting. Due to the long duration, it poses a microbiological risk or leads to a bitter taste of the liquorice solution when elevated temperatures are applied. Using liquorice paste avoids the lengthy dissolving process, the process remains clean and free of microbiological risks, and the taste remains constant and pure. The liquorice paste can be used immediately.

Protein enrichment of your products

Proteins from plants? Yes, please!

Vegetable protein powders are obtained from the seeds, nuts and beans of the respective plants. For example from:

  • Peas
  • Chickpeas
  • Rice (brown / white)
  • Soybeans
  • Mung beans
  • Hemp seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Linseed
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Potatoes
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Walnut

Vegetable protein powders have a protein content of up to 90 %, depending on the base, and both conventional and organic qualities are available.


A good example of textured vegetable protein powder is pea protein. This is a regenerative product made from peas. Pea protein is used to produce protein-rich, plant-based meat alternatives. It is a natural, gluten-free product with an ideal taste and typical texture. Thus, pea protein is a perfect complement to the usual ingredients in a variety of applications such as vegetarian / vegan products, meat substitutes, convenience products, ready-to-use menus, cereals and snacks.


Ordinary plant protein powders are not completely soluble in water. To solve this challenge, our partner has developed a unique enzymatic hydrolysis and is able to make protein powder 100% water soluble. The protein fluid is transformed from an “emulsion” into a “transparent solution”.
In addition, the flavour intensity of the hydrolysed qualities is greatly reduced, which makes flavour masking not absolutely necessary. The hydrolysed plant protein powders are therefore ideal for use in drinks.

Vegetable protein powders are E-number-free and therefore the ideal building block for your “clean labelling”. In addition, the NUTRI SCORE can be improved by up to 5 points through the use of plant-based protein powders, if you achieve a protein content of >8g per 100g in recipes.