Organic Coating agent with sustainability claim

Not all nuts are the same, even if it sounds that way at first glance. In botany, only a dry plant fruit that falls off as a whole with the help of a separating tissue is a nut – for example, the hazelnut. Although partially botanically incorrect, there are, however, very many nuts in our linguistic usage: Cashews, peanuts, pistachios, macadamias, almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc. Just as wide as the nut selection is, you can also process them differently in terms of taste.

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Fruity options for your cereals

When you think of muesli, you almost automatically think of breakfast. Can a hearty muesli make the perfect start to the day? Yes it can! But not only, because a fresh muesli with delicious fruit pieces and e.g. a good portion of protein can be enjoyed just as well in between. Whenever a ravenous appetite comes over you can reach for a muesli, and if it’s fruity and varied, you’ll be even more inclined to reach for it.

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Dried mushrooms – wild & cultivated varieties

“There are mushrooms everywhere…” – not only the famous Swiss singer Peach Weber stated this, but also our partner ROHA recognized more than 40 years ago that mushrooms can be used in many ways and, contrary to Peach Weber’s opinion, are extremely popular!

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Color your Pasta and Noodles

Our partner ROHA ( has been providing innovative and sustainable products for decades, offering a wide range of possibilities in the food and beverage industry.
Especially in food coloring, it is important to provide clean solutions that can be applied to the entire category of ready-to-eat foods without concern. ROHA’s scientists have years of in-depth expertise, which is based on the latest trends and guidelines. This enables them to produce high-quality color products that can meet a wide range of challenges.

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Clean-Label Colors for confectionery

Who knows the shining children’s eyes when entering a colorful candy store? Color is, even for adults, the most important feature of confectionery. For producers, it is always a challenge to find suitable color shades for confectionery to attract the attention of consumers. In addition to the difficulty of formulating a bright and stable shade, the combination of color and flavours is also challenging.

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Beef extract in powder form for your tasty dry recipes

Germany, 19th century. – …once upon a time, a chemist by the name of Justus Liebig (1803 – 1873) had the grandiose idea of extracting beef and giving the sickening cholera-stricken daughter of a colleague the extract as a fortifying diet. The young girl recovered, and the positive effect of the meat extract received more and more attention. Soon after, the beef surplus was used in Uruguay and Argentina and the beef extract was able to conquer the world.

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Substitute for carmine – a little less crazy red food coloring

Surely you have heard from “carmine”. Its use dates to the time when Europeans visited America in the 15th century and the Aztecs introduced them to cochineal extract. At that time, the red dye extracted from cochineal insects was used for dyeing fabrics. From this first application in textiles developed, among others, the food color E120 carmine, which reached worldwide fame.

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