Every one of us relies on the road every day, either consciously or unconsciously. Whether this is in the car to work, with required groceries delivered by truck, through the use of public transport and many other events.

We use and stress the road more and more and consequently our demands for high quality, durable and also safe road surfaces are growing.

With the technical cellulose fibers (TOPCEL®) from CFF GmbH & Co. KG, we supply a sustainable and recovered raw material that meets the requirements of a high-quality road surface to the letter.


By using TOPCEL® fiber products, we guarantee asphalt mixing plants to produce road surfaces that are resistant to rutting, wear and deformation, but also ensure the highest possible level of traffic safety and durability.


TOPCEL® is used for all asphalt types with a high binder content. It prevents the binder from running off mineral aggregates.

In addition, segregation phenomena are avoided during transport and when laying the mix.


The cellulose fibers processed into pellets are manufactured specifically for use in road construction and are free of bituminous or modifying additives. Accordingly, TOPCEL® can be used as a binder carrier for all fiber-bound asphalts without any problems.

Thanks to the pellet form, the fibers can be added to the mix dust-free and easily by hand or, in particular, by automatic metering equipment.

The shear forces of the aggregate in the asphalt mixer easily defiber the pellets, which are then distributed to form a homogeneous mix. Depending on the mixing plant technology and the aggregate fractions used, a dry premixing time of 5 – 15 seconds is sufficient.

TOPCEL® fiber products are available in small containers, big bags or as silo goods. Thus, mixing plants that dose by hand as well as those with an automatic dosing system benefit.

Your advantages

The following advantages are achieved by using TOPCEL®:

  • Excellent dissolving behavior in the mixing process
  • Homogeneous distribution of the fibers in the mix
  • Dust-free use thanks to wax-bound fiber pellets
  • Free-flowing and stable for automatic metering
  • Safe and sticking-free silo storage
  • No adjustment of the asphalt formulation necessary


With the TOPCEL® fiber products from CFF GmbH & Co. KG we offer an economically attractive, sustainable and easy-to-use solution that can contribute to high-quality road pavements.

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