Who knows the shining children’s eyes when entering a colorful candy store? Color is, even for adults, the most important feature of confectionery. For producers, it is always a challenge to find suitable color shades for confectionery to attract the attention of consumers. In addition to the difficulty of formulating a bright and stable shade, the combination of color and flavours is also challenging.

FUTURALS product group

Our manufacturing partner ROHA Europe (www.roha.com) offers a rainbow of clean-label colors for your candy under the FUTURALS product group. The minimally processed color ingredients may be declared E-number free. The FUTURALS products are available in liquid as well as powder form and stand out, depending on the quality, thanks to their good solubility in water.


Within the production of confectionery, there are different and very specific requirements depending on the final product to be manufactured. These special requirements, including the appropriate solutions, are briefly explained below for each application.


Compound coating, a combination of fat and sugar, is used in many applications as a substitute for chocolate. ROHA’s sub-group INFUSION, which belongs to the FUTURALS, are clean-label colors in liquid form, which are oil-dispersible and give bright colors to chocolate or coating compounds.


Gummies are traditionally consumed as snacks but now gaining popularity as a carrier for the supplements in one’s daily diet. ROHA’s clean label coloring foodstuffs offer a wide range of colors which are stable at low pH values in the gummy matrices.


Hard candies are seeking attention as the nutraceutical industry blooms. Low pH and high-temperature processing conditions required for hard candy make color application difficult. Our FUTURALS range of clean label color provides varied pH and heat stable options to overcome this challenge.


Panned confectionaries are all-time favourites irrespective of the age and occasion. Numerous layers of colored sugar syrup create the crunchy hard shell which attracts attention because of their vibrant colors. ROHA’s clean label color range FUTURALS has numerous options to offer for panning applications when solubility in high Brix sugar syrup is challenging.


ROHA’s color portfolio does not limit itself to the major confectionary categories but has a lot to offer for other confections like tablets, chewing gums, sprinkles, liquorice, toffees and more. We are happy to advise our customers on their specific developments.


The FUTURALS colors are declared as E-number free food ingredients and are therefore the perfect raw materials for your clean labelling. Since the regulations regarding the declaration are strongly dependent on the sales market, our manufacturing partner ROHA is happy to support our Swiss customers with specific questions regarding the declaration. If the declaration is not particularly relevant for your applications, there are other ROHA coloring products available in addition to the FUTURALS grades. Information on this can be found here: (https://falcone-specialities.com/food-coloring-fuer-farbenfrohe-lebensmittel-getraenke/).


The FUTURALS colors are characterized by the following features:

  • Natural raw materials
  • Clean labelling declaration
  • Powder and liquid qualities
  • Proven stability data (pH, heat and light stability)
  • GMO-free
  • Vegan
  • Manufactured in Spain


Natural coloring of confectionery has always been a major challenge until now. The FUTURALS qualities offer suitable solutions for any application in the confectionery sector and support you as a manufacturer in further steps towards clean labelling.

For more information, you can download the brochure with all FUTURALS qualities that are suitable for the various confectionery applications.

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