Cognitive performance describes the overall functioning and effectiveness of our brain. A well-developed brain is able to solve challenges faster, recognize connections more clearly and process information effectively.

Whether working for hours in the home office, studying intensively for final exams or a hight concentration in e-sports, the demands on our brains are immense. Natural ingredients that enhance cognitive performance are becoming important ingredients in the food supplement industry. CogniviaTM from our manufacturing partner Nexira is a highly effective ingredient for food supplement products to improve the cognitive performance.


Sage has been valued for its many health benefits for many centuries and its effectiveness on cognitive performance has been extensively studied. Clinical studies have found that sage improves memory and increases alertness.


CogniviaTM is a unique formulation combining the leaf extract of garden sage with the encapsulated essential oils of Spanish sage. This unique synergistic combination exhibits enhanced efficacy and is especially designed for people who want to improve their memory and concentration.


The recommended dosage for CogniviaTM is 400mg to 600mg per day.

Background information

CogniviaTM is a vegetal nootropic that helps to improve the memory and positively affects the efficiency of our brain. CogniviaTM helps to increase short-term cognitive performance on the one hand and improve long-term memory skills on the other. Due to its short-term and long-term effects, CogniviaTM is exciting for people from young adulthood to old age.

Product facts

CogniviaTM is characterized by the following product features:

  • Synergistic combination for enhanced efficacy
  • Low dosage
  • Brownish powder
  • Good solubility in water
  • Organic grade available, certified by Bio-Inspecta
  • Produced in France

Dosage form

CogniviaTM can be used in the field of dietary supplements in a variety of forms such as capsules, tablets, powder mixtures, sticks or soft gums. Due to its good water solubility, liquid dosage forms such as Unicadoses or shots should also be considered.

Clinical studies

The efficacy of CogniviaTM has been tested in various clinical studies. After signing a confidentiality agreement, our manufacturing partner Nexira is willing to provide the clinical studies for a review.

Finalist NutraIngredients

CogniviaTM from the French producer Nexira was announced as a finalist for the NutraIngredients Awards (Europe / USA) in the categories “healthy aging” and “cognitive function” in 2020.


CogniviaTM – the synergistic formulation of two different sage species impresses with its increased efficacy and helps to develop highly effective nutritional supplements to enhance cognitive performance. The powdered CogniviaTM grade is easy for processors to use and combine at will.

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