Spring and autumn certainly have one thing in common: many colorful and intense color creations!
Whether a beautiful Easter bouquet or yet a colorful autumn plate, nature produces the most diverse color constellations, especially at these times of year. Recognizing the colors of nature and following the trend of naturalness, our partner ROHA (www.roha.com) has expanded their expertise and combined it in the coloring food line “FUTURALS”.


The range of naturally coloring foods is enormous and are produced exclusively by physical processes. No chemical intervention takes place during the production process, which means that the various colors can be labeled as fruit or vegetable juices or extracts.

Depending on the source, the food colors are available in powder, liquid, or water- or oil-soluble versions. The final product is carefully calibrated to replicate the exact properties, color ratios and sensory balance of the original source. This has the great advantage that the colors can be used in diverse and challenging applications such as milk drinks, yogurts and ice creams. The natural coloration of the products can be intensified or modified while still maintaining the product naturalness.

Learn more about the rest of the ROHA color portfolio: https://falcone-specialities.com/en/food-coloring-for-colorful-food-drinks/

FUTURALS in milk drinks
Especially in milk drinks, color application can be a challenge. If the product is ultra high temperature (UHT) or the flavored milk is processed in a retort, color options are limited by the intense heat treatments. However, the FUTURALS range includes color choices that overcome these challenges and resolve any technical difficulties that may arise.

FUTURALS in Yogurt & Fruit Preparations
The range of FUTURALS includes blends of anthocyanins as well as other clean-label colors that work well in spoonable and drinkable yogurt applications. These colors are also stable in acidic whey beverages with high protein content.

FUTURALS in ice creams
The FUTURALS range covers a wide spectrum of colors in pH-neutral dairy applications such as ice creams and flavored milk. For the production of ice cream mixes, the colors are produced as powders – if a high viscosity ice cream base is produced, the colors are formulated as liquids. It is important to factor in the base color of your ice cream or sorbet mix, as this will have an impact on the color intensity. Your whipping can also influence your color intensity – depending on the strength and length of your whipping, you add more air to your ice cream mass, which increases the mass to be colored. So, with a larger impact, you need more color for the desired intensity.

Want to create your ice cream not only colorful, but also vegan? Then discover HERE our vegan fat powders.


The following advantages arise with the portfolio of FUTURALS:

  • Application of natural colors
  • Colors from fruits, vegetables and edible plants
  • Purely physical processing
  • Vegetarian & vegan
  • Positive consumer perception
  • Clean label solutions possible
  • Stability in pH, heat & light
  • Color-intensive creations thanks to wide color range


ROHA has thus created new possibilities in the coloring of food with the coloring food line FUTURALS. Especially in the field of dairy products, which accompany us at breakfast, the snack in between or for dessert. With FUTURALS you can make your product more colorful and even more attractive and stimulate the appetite with the right color!

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