Our long-standing partner DP Supply (www.dpsupply.com) specializes in highly functional, spray-dried fat powders and has been driven by customer needs and emerging market trends since its inception. This enables DP Supply to promote innovation and, in addition to the standard portfolio, to bring unconventional fat powders to market that precisely meet growing market requirements.


The product range of DP Supply is enormous and provides you with many innovative solutions. In this article we will introduce you to the fat powders from the Creamics range in soup or sauce applications.
With the Creamics fat powders you give your applications additional mouthfeel and thanks to vegetable fat sources an improved shelf life and a general good digestibility.


DP Supply and its Creamics line will give your creativity new powers and help you pick up every one of your existing and potential customers. Even with a lactose-free and vegan fat powder, such as Creamics 65 VS, your sauce or soup will have a creamy as well as full-bodied taste. With the Creamics fat powders your recipe is also supported in the color nuance and gets an excellent lightening without unsightly fat eyes.


The Creamics fat powders find a place in your béchamel sauce for ready-made solutions suitable for the asparagus season as well as in a more baking-stable application for a lasagna. You meet the time spirit and the vegan audience with the vegan Creamics solution 65 VS. Although there is no lactose content, this fat powder supports your tomato soup or mushroom sauce in the creaminess and give the recipe an excellent texture. The vegan fat powder is also acid-stable – the Creamics fat powders from DP Supply will therefore not let you down in any of your applications.


DP Supply’s versatile fat powders in sauces and soups applications have the following advantages:

  • High fat and protein content
  • Flexible fat sources incl.
    – Non HVO
    – Palm oil free solutions
    – Plant-based solutions (with V-Label)
  • Stable emulsion
  • Acid and baking stability possible
  • Excellent whitening properties
  • Taste intensification and improved mouthfeel
  • Improved shelf life
  • Easy to use with other powders
  • Halal & Kosher compliant
  • Convenience, all-in method


Fat powders are highly functional raw materials which are used, for example, as creamers and whiteners. The excellent, spray-dried fat powders from DP Supply provide you with the best properties and solutions for your applications. You strengthen the taste of your products and with the vegan Creamics 65 VS you cover all customer needs – convince yourself!

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