With “Desailer”, we offer modern, biodegradable and above all, ecologically compatible complexing agents or dispersing aids. he structure of these products is based on natural polymers, such as those formed by mussels to control shell growth, and in addition to the modern and efficient complexing agent IDS (sodium salt of iminodisuccinic acid), they also include a biodegradable stone inhibitor and powerful dispersing agent PASP (sodium salt of polyaspartic acid).

Desailer P as a biodegradable stone inhibitor and dispersing aid represents an ecologically compatible alternative to the acrylates typically used as stone inhibitors or dispersing aids, which are practically non-biodegradable. In addition, due to the special chemical structure, there are special application-technical advantages compared to the commercially available polyacrylates.

With Desailer I you get an interesting alternative to complexing agents such as NTA or EDTA, which is obtained by a particularly environmentally friendly synthesis process. In most cases, Desailer I can be used as a 1:1 substitute for NTA and, depending on the formulation, offers not only a more favourable labelling but also further technical application advantages.

Desailer I and Desailer P are chemically related and can therefore develop synergistic effects, depending on the application.


  • Natural
  • Efficient
  • Biodegradable
  • Favorable labeling