FibregumTM is an ideal direct-tablet ingredient for all types of tablets (chewable, for sucking or for swallowing).

In addition to its physical properties as a binder, filler and anti-caking agent, FibregumTM adds positive nutritional value to the tablets. It contains more than 90 % soluble dietary fibre on dry weight.

Due to its film-forming properties, FibregumTM protects sensitive substances and improves their release.

It is tasteless and odourless and can be combined with all kinds of active ingredients (including intense sweeteners to mask their bitterness if needed).

In addition, FibregumTMTan naturally brings a significant amount of antioxidants. It is therefore particularly recommended as an excipient for antioxidant tablets, as it helps to improve the dosage of the active ingredients.

One tablet made with FibregumTMTan contains 0.5g of soluble fibre. It contributes to 2% of the recommended daily intake of dietary fibre and 0.5% of the daily intake of antioxidants recommended by some nutritionists.