The history of acacia fibre goes back a long way, is sustainably sourced in Africa by our partner Nexira ( and is used in all sorts of products. Our focus today is on the application of acacia fibre in the healthy snack option for on-the-go – the muesli bar!


The muesli bar accompanies us all from an early age and, depending on age and interest, it is eaten as a snack, energy supplier or simply as a treat. There are many different shapes and flavours of muesli bars. The acacia fibre has excellent functionalities and sustainability claims (, so you can add extra sparkle to your varieties or conjure up completely new creations.


Acacia fibre is tasteless, odourless and colourless and is a non-hygroscopic powder. The product is extremely stable, has a low viscosity and 100% solubility. With such properties, the application can be anything but complicated! The acacia fibre acts as a binding and texturising agent and successfully contributes to your muesli bar development. The wonderful properties allow you to adjust the ideal texture according to your needs. Most notably, acacia fibre can help you support your new low-sugar or low-fat formulation while maintaining the texture you desire.

Technical Advantages

With the use of acacia fibres in your muesli bar, you get further various technical properties and positive effects

  • Binding of fruits and cereal grains with a short texture without stringiness or stretching of the bar.
  • In the formulation, acacia fibre can act as a binding ingredient, replacing partially digestible sugars such as sucrose and glucose/corn syrup
  • Stabilisation of texture and moisture content. The texture remains homogeneous and has less breakage.
  • Thanks to the water-regulating properties, possible sticking to the packaging is also prevented during storage, the crispness is increased and the shelf life is extended.
  • Avoidance of lecithin in the syrup, thanks to the natural emulsifying properties.
  • Reduction of syrup sticking to the blades – the acacia fibre ensures a clean cut, improving production yield and maintaining the shape of the bars after cutting
  • On a nutritional level, the acacia fibre acts as a fibre fortifier (up to 15g of fibre can be achieved in a 40g bar). The calorie value and glycaemic index can thus be reduced
  • Dietary fibre content of up to 90% on the dry substance


The muesli bar comes in a wide variety of versions. Soft and slightly sticky, extruded, compact and firm to the bite and usually very sweet. No matter what your motto is, for each of the various muesli bar applications, you can generate additional advantages with the acacia fibre from our partner Nexira. Whether you want to balance the sweetness or regulate the bite strength, with a guaranteed fibre content of up to 90% on the dry substance, you can win on all levels with acacia fibre from our partner Nexira.

Here you will find an overview of acacia fibre for your muesli bar application

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