Thanks to innovative products and maximum delivery reliability, our partner – ERA Polymers ( – has risen to become the leading supplier of PU systems. Processors of PU elastomers benefit from increased competitiveness, better products and lower costs.


Conventional PU elastomers withstand continuous temperature exposure up to ~80°C. The latest generation of PU systems can withstand loads >140°C for longer periods of time, thus noticeably expanding the range of applications for PU molded parts.


Erapol HTE prepolymers are based on a high performance polyster polyol. These prepolymers have excellent mechanical properties, superior high temperature performance and better hydrolysis resistance than standard polyesters. Polymers made from Erapol HTE exhibit excellent abrasion resistance even at high temperatures, high resilience, low heat generation and good low-temperature flexibility. Typical applications for this polymer are those where extreme operating conditions prevail.

Erapol HTC is a liquid, isocyanate-terminated prepolymer based on polycaprolactone polyol. It is typically cured with 1,4-BDO to produce a 90 Shore A elastomer. Polymers made from Erapol HTC exhibit excellent abrasion, impact and chemical resistance, as well as high load-bearing capacity and temperature resistance.

Erapol XPE15-1992 is a two-component system based on PPDI polyether. Erapol XPE15-1992 is a two-component system based on PPDI polyether. Erapol XPE15-1992 has some distinct performance advantages over some of the more traditional TDI or MDI-based prepolymers. The polyurethane elastomer exhibits excellent physical properties, including good tensile and tear strength, excellent resilience and outstanding wear properties. There are also clear advantages in terms of processing, including low viscosity at.

Processing temperatures and relatively long pot life. Compared to conventional grades, Erapol XPE15-1992 has a lower content of free PPDI (less than 0.1%), which reduces the risks associated with handling the prepolymer.

Your advantages

Our innovative high performance prepolymers feature the following properties:

  • Superior high temperature performance
  • Excellent abrasion, impact and chemical resistance
  • Impressive mechanical properties
  • FDA approval (Erapol HTC)
  • Long pot life
  • Low viscosity at processing temperatures
  • Workplace safety (<0.1% PPDI)


Heat-resistant PU elastomers significantly expand the range of applications for molded parts made of polyurethanes. Manufacturers of PU molded parts benefit from a material that can be processed reliably and meets the highest customer demands. Cooperation with ERA Polymers also offers the advantage of numerous additional benefits, for example in PU solutions for molded parts with food contact, efficiency gains thanks to short cycle times and perfectly matched additives.

For more information, comparative data on the heat stability of “standard elastomers” versus “Erapol HTE” is available

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