Lighter. Stronger. Faster. Cheaper. More attractive. Longer lasting. More efficient. More sustainable.

That’s the world Expancel hollow microspheres were created for. As a long-time partner of Nouryon Expancel, Falcone Specialities helps developers and manufacturers in some 48 industrial applications create innovative solutions and reduce product and manufacturing costs.


Sustainability – Minergie or similar standards are in vogue. Not only new buildings, but also old buildings are increasingly subject to local and national regulations and must be built or renovated in an energy-efficient manner. In addition to the usual insulation and sealing materials, paints and plasters play a central role. The high mineral filler content in these products increases thermal conductivity and leads to significant additional costs for building maintenance. To reduce energy loss, Expancel as a thermal insulation and lightweight filler is an ideal and sustainable solution.


Expancel micro hollow sphere is a small thermoplastic sphere encapsulating a gas. This has a dual function as a lightweight filler and as a blowing agent. Advantages over conventional fillers and blowing agents include: lowering manufacturing costs, reducing weight, creating attractive structures and textures, protecting against damage or shielding against the elements – such as heat.


Elastic wall and roof coatings are highly flexible coatings that are

typically used to apply relatively thick coatings to concrete and similar materials. The use of Expancel microspheres improves important product properties of these special coatings.

Coating systems containing Expancel can be easily applied with a roller, a brush, and even by spraying with an airless spray gun. A lightweight paint applied with a roller sprays less than conventional paints. Coating with Expancel also proves to be more economical.

Your advantages

Expancel hollow microspheres for use in wall and roof coatings are characterized by the following properties:

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Cost savings
  • Benefits for the environment
  • Elasticity
  • Improved vapor permeability
  • Improved sunlight reflection (exterior coatings)
  • Easier to apply (application)


With Expancel we offer a unique solution to improve energy efficiency in coatings, save costs and differentiate your formulations from the competition.

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