In many cases, ATH/MDH fillers are the best choice to meet the standardized requirements for HFFR cable compounds. To perfectly embed the filler particles into the polymer matrix, SICO has developed an innovative additive that revolutionizes mechanical properties and LOI (limited oxigen index) of your product.


Polyolefins have excellent insulating properties, but they are also very flammable and must therefore be formulated to be flame-retardant with appropriate additives. Flame retardants based on light metal hydroxide (ATH, MDH) replace conventional additives that release toxic substances hazardous to health in the event of fire. For the filler to develop its full power, it must be properly dispersed, hydrophobic and incorporated into the compound mass.

Our solution: CG-VO10.


Our “CG-VO10” is an innovative “silane-modified siloxane” whose polymer chain consists of vinyl, silica and ethoxy groups, among others.

CG-VO10 is ideally suited as a compatibilization additive of organic polymers (PE, EVA, EPDM, etc.) with hydrophobized inorganic fillers (MDH, ATH, etc.).

In the presence of moisture the ethoxy groups of CG-VO10 hydrolyse to ethanol and reactive silanol groups. These silanol groups react with the filler via silicon-oxygen bridges. The vinyl functional groups of CG-VO10 can react with the polymer phase in the presence of radicals: A major application area for mineral-filled compounds is the cable industry. EPDM and EVA can be processed into highly filled cable compounds due to the adhesion promoting and hydrophobic effect of CG-VO10.

CG-VO10 is particularly suitable for EPDM and EVA polymers for halogen-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, flame retardant cable compounds (HFFR) based on ATH and MDH. The silica incorporated in CG-VO10 reduces the amount of oxygen in the polymer, resulting in a significantly improved oxygen index.

Your advantages

The unique polymer structure of CG-VO10 compared to conventional mono- and oligomeric vinyl silanes is characterized as follows:

  • Innovative combination “flame retardancy” & low vapor pressure
  • Significantly improved oxygen index (LOI) of 2-3 percentage points over oligomeric vinyl silanes in HFFR cables.
  • Excellent dispersibility in fillers
  • Uniform surface wetting
  • “non-hazardous” yet still chemically reactive for solid bonding with the mineral filler


With CG-VO10 we offer a unique solution to improve mechanical properties and LOI and simplify processing.

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