Our manufacturing partner ROHA (www.roha.com) already decided to make the world more colorful when the company was founded in 1972. Thanks to its high-quality standards, ROHA convinces customers worldwide with a broad portfolio of coloring food ingredients, food colors and pigments for the cosmetics / pharmaceutical industry.

Innovation Power ROHA

Since its beginnings, ROHA has put the requirements of its customers at the center of its activities. To satisfy its customers and meet today’s needs, ROHA is constantly evolving by developing new and innovative solutions. At the heart of this innovation are 14 technical laboratories spread all over the world, thus sensing global needs. ROHA focuses on pushing boundaries and creating new color trends.

Food Coloring portfolio

The Food Coloring portfolio of our new manufacturing partner ROHA is very broad and for every application or customer need a suitable quality can be found. Below we present you the four subgroups within the Food Color Portfolio in more detail.


…is the product range of clean-label food colors derived from premium natural sources. The products are manufactured without food additives and thus meet the Clean Label requirements without compromising in the color.


…is a range of food colors carefully obtained from natural sources. These colors undergo some processing to improve their stability and vibrancy.


…is ROHA’s range of synthetic food colors that can be used in everything from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and cosmetic. With Idacol you get stable, long-lasting color results.


…is the innovative ROHA range of natural colors for specific application in fat-based products. The qualities are characterized by good dispersibility and stability. The range includes colors ideal for cream fillings and other fat-based products. The Infusion Range includes natural grades as well as clean-label solutions.


Suitable raw materials for coloring are in demand in all areas of the food, beverage, food supplement and pharmaceutical industries. For each application a suitable solution can be found within ROHA’s different product groups.

Regulatory Information

ROHA attaches great importance to supporting its customers with information on current regulations. An own “Regulatory Department” deals with the current regulations and is able to give country specific inputs to the current regulatory situation. As an example, we like to mention the current topic “alternative products for E171 titanium dioxides” and refer to the corresponding blogpost.


The ROHA portfolio of Food Colors is characterized by the following features:

  • Defined color shade
  • Liquid and powder raw materials
  • Water soluble and oil dispersible grades
  • Specific heat, light and pH stability specifications
  • Clean label solutions
  • Possibility of customized developments
  • Manufactured in Europe


Without colors, our world would be very boring. Because of this, consumers want colorful food and beverages that make everyday life more colorful. Thanks to ROHA’s versatile portfolio, a suitable quality can be found for every application and your products also bring color into our life.

For more information on ROHA’s diverse Food Coloring portfolio, an overview of the various product groups is available. Simply enter your contact details and a message with the portfolio overview will be sent to you by email.

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