As an expert in formulations, our manufacturing partner Nexira offers the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry healthy as well as natural excipients for particularly demanding applications. Gum Acacia is the perfect clean-label excipient for use in vegan tablets.


Gum Acacia grades from the FibregumTM and InaveaTM ranges are ideal as a directly compressible ingredient for all types of tablets such as chewable tablets, lozenges or tablets for swallowing. As it is a vegan ingredient, Gum Acacia is also suitable for use in vegan tablets.

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In addition to its physical properties as a binder, filler and flow aid, Gum Acacia grades add positive nutritional value to tablets due to its 90% dietary fibre content on dry matter. Due to its film-forming properties, Gum Acacia protects the sensitive substances within the tablets and improves their release.

Dosage recommendation

The dosage recommendation for Gum Acacia in tablets is about 75-80%.


The qualities from the FibregumTM and InaveaTM product ranges offer the following advantages in the tableting process:

  • Neutral taste and odourless, colourless
  • Can be combined with all types of active ingredients
  • High flowability -> uniform machine coating
  • Reduced tablet weight variations
  • Vegan
  • Clean label
  • Organic qualities available; certified according to Bio-Inspecta
  • GMO-free
  • Produced in France


Gum Acacia qualities to be declared as food ingredient Acacia fibres are ideal for use in Clean-Label formulations.

Functionality in the process

In the tableting process, Gum Acacia qualities offer a majority of functional advantages. In the tableting process, Gum Acacia qualities offer a majority of functional advantages. Gum Acacia helps bind the ingredients and protect or slowly release the active ingredients.

FibregumTMTAN for antioxidant tablets

The special Gum Acacia grade FibregumTMTAN naturally has significant antioxidant content. Therefore, this grade is particularly suitable as an excipient in antioxidant tablets. It helps to improve the dosage of active ingredients. One tablet containing FibregumTMTAN contains approximately 0.5g of soluble fibre. It contributes to 2% of the recommended daily intake of dietary fibre and to 0.5% of the daily intake of antioxidants recommended by some nutritionists.


Gum Acacia offers a wide range of functional properties, which are required in tableting. In addition to the technological benefits, the vegan, clean-label ingredients also provide nutritional benefits and improve the nutritional profile of the tablets.

For further information, the application bulletin “High Fibre Compressed Tablets” is available.

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