Coatings with Expancel microspheres can reduce energy consumption for heating, ventilation and air conditioning by up to 40%. With the current green movement, such solutions are more relevant than ever. We show you how you can achieve an economical and “green” solution with Expancel microspheres.

Expancel microspheres are tiny, extremely light, gas-filled thermoplastic spheres that have been used successfully for several years as lightweight fillers in paints and coatings. Especially in elastomeric (waterproof) wall and roof coatings, functionality and quality can be remarkably improved with Expancel. Here we shortly summarize the advantages and properties that the use of Expancel can lead to.

Why to use Expancel?

  • Expancel microspheres are a lightweight filler with low binder requirements. This means that you can use less binder without compromising the quality of the coating. This consequently leads to a more economically attractive product.
  • The expanded microspheres are also highly elastic and can withstand heavy mechanical loads without damage. This flexibility allows you to increase the PVC (Pigment Volume Concentration) without compromising the elasticity of the coating.
  • Mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate increase the thermal conductivity of the coating – but Expancel lowers it, significantly improving thermal insulation.
  • Improved vapour permeability with Expancel
  • Expancel has very good sunlight reflection in the visible and especially in the NIR range. This improves the durability of the wall and roof coating and helps keep the building cool in the sun.