Formulating plant-based beverages can be challenging due to the need to emulsify and stabilise fat, suspend insoluble particles (pulp, minerals, proteins…) and create texture/mouthfeel.

ThixogumTM G is the powerful combination of a natural emulsifier (acacia gum) and a natural stabiliser (gellan). It ensures the successful development of plant-based beverages and meets consumer expectations for appealing taste and texture.

Thanks to its suspensoid properties,ThixogumTMG is able to stabilise insoluble ingredients with minimal impact on viscosity. It is a perfect stabiliser for dairy alternatives. It can be used in beverages consisting of insoluble compounds to suspend particles, such as in fruit juices to obtain a homogeneous suspension of fruit pulp.


  • Immediately dispersible
  • Odourless, colourless and tasteless
  • Free-flowing and dust-free powders optimised for use in liquids and dry mixes