Get ready for the next highly popular season!
Customer needs are always changing and the demands on ice cream manufacturers are increasing. But what are the explicit wishes of the customers? Today’s ice cream consumers are environmentally and health conscious, so they expect the following:

  • Organic products
  • Natural food ingredients, E-No. free
  • Protection of the rainforest, palm oil-free ingredients
  • Lactose-free products; suitable for vegans

E-No. free as well as organic ice cream are possible! We offer you raw materials for conventional ice cream and at the same time also meet the special customer needs of today.

Clean label / organic / unique sustainability claim
Our manufacturing partner Nexira carries the E-No. free emulsifiers based on acacia fibres, unique clean-label solutions for ice cream production in the portfolio. The acacia fibres, which have to be declared as a food ingredient, are available in conventional and organic quality and are particularly suitable for clean-label products and low-fat recipes.

The product Equacia is an optimised combination of two natural fibres; the soluble acacia fibres & the insoluble, gluten-free wheat fibres. Equacia is an E-No. free binder with a low energy value and a low glycaemic index. By using Equacia as a binder, you can quickly achieve the desired texture without shearing or heating.

Lactose-free / palm oil-free
Our fat powders based on coconut, for example, are ideal ingredients for lactose-free glacés. The skimmed milk powder can be replaced with the appropriate fat powder quality and a perfect lactose-free product is created. By using coconut fat powders, you can achieve a good mouth-filling effect in your products and convince with a palm oil-free solution.

Clean Label / Organic
By using fruit powders or natural flavours, you are able to standardise the taste and colour of the different types of ice cream. The spray-dried fruit juices and freeze-dried fruit powders have an extremely intense flavour and are the ideal ingredients for your Clean Label products.

Clean Label / Organic
The 100% natural fruit sweeteners from dates, apples or grapes convince with standardised Brix contents. Liquid fruit sweeteners are available in conventional as well as organic quality. The products inspire with their colourlessness and neutral taste. By using the 100% natural fruit sweeteners without added sucrose, the amount of sugar in the recipes can be reduced without changing the texture and taste in the final product.

Clean Label / Organic
With the E-No. free caramel sugar qualities, the taste as well as the colouring is intensified. The use of caramel sugar is particularly interesting for varieties such as chocolate, coffee or nut, as it intensifies the flavouring and the brownish colouring. In addition to conventional qualities, organic qualities are also available in powder and liquid form.