Whether we Swiss would support our Italian neighbor in soccer remains to be seen. But when it comes to food, we can be sure that Italian cuisine scores almost everywhere. From an early age, we grow up with spaghetti bolognese, pizza or a tomato (ready-made) risotto.

ROHA Italy

Our partner ROHA Italy (https://www.roha.com/) has understood that high quality dried products can bring even more Italian flavor intensity in ready-to-eat ready meals or dry recipes. The heart of production is in Bussolengo IT, where modified vacuum drying has been used for many years as a unique product technology.
The advantage of modified vacuum drying is a gentle drying of food products. This technology takes into account the temperature sensitivity of the various food products and manages to maintain the organoleptic properties when moisture is removed at the lowest possible temperature. In this way, you get products with intense colors and flavors that add another piece of Italy to your recipe.

Italian Delights

The portfolio of ROHA, called “NewFoods” ranges from mushrooms to fruits to dried vegetables – but the centerpiece is the “NewFoods – Italian Delights” series. It represents the Italian flair and lets you further refine your recipes.

Die getrockneten Tomaten gibt es in Form von Pulver oder Granulaten. Whether it’s for more flavor intensity in a tomato sauce, more bite in a dried tomato risotto, or in a pesto rosso, there are many uses.

No half measures are taken at ROHA and especially not with the dried Italian cheese portfolio. The cheeses are subject to the Protected Designation of Origin and, like the rest of the products in the portfolio, are gently dried. This gives an intense flavor appropriate to the cheese in question and supports you in your creative recipes.

The truffle is generally considered a delicacy mushroom and enriches various dishes. In our portfolio you will find the white as well as the black truffle in the form of powder and granules.

Italian cuisine without meat is no fun, therefore we offer raw ham, mortadella, bacon or pancetta gently dried – perfect for ready meals like spaghetti carbonara or other home creations.

Typical pasta sauces are Bolognese and Pesto. To enhance their taste, there are products of the same name, mainly in the form of granules.

Basil and parsley are ever-popular herbs. They harmonize perfectly in an Italian salad dressing or, for example, in a spice mix for bruschetta. Depending on the application, the herbs are also available in the form of powder or granules.


By using “Italian Delights” from the NewFoods portfolio you will receive the following benefits

  • Preservation of naturalness
  • Maintaining of freshness
  • Preservation of aroma and taste
  • Flavor intensification of your recipes
  • No additives
  • Clean label solutions
  • Different product forms (powder & granules)
  • Low moisture and oxidation process
  • Low bacterial content
  • Authenticity
  • GMO free
  • Full traceability


The “Italian Delights” are as diverse as the Italian cuisine itself and score additionally with intensive aroma and color. All products of the “Italian Delights” series are produced with the modified vacuum drying and offer you an excellent quality for all your creations thanks to the gentle processing.

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