Today I introduce you to the Jackfruit also known as «Jack». Jack is the largest fruit in the world and is at home in Southeast Asia, among other places. In its unripe state, as a young Jackfruit, he is suitable as a wonderful meat and fish alternative and enchants even the biggest meat lovers among us. Jack as a young unripe fruit is neutral in taste and will happily absorb your spice and flavor mixtures into its flesh. There are no limits to your applications!


A jackfruit tree can produce up to 200 fruits per year – because its motto is “the more you pick, the more you produce”. The local demand cannot keep up with so many fruits, so more than 1/3 of the harvest cannot be eaten. This gives the local farmers an excuse to cut down the trees and sell the wood, resulting in deforestation.

Together with Jack, we strongly believe in creating a positive chain of events: More people eating Jack means more Jack fruit growing on trees, making the trees economically valuable to farmers and in turn helping to prevent increased deforestation. So get to know Jack with us and create more food, more trees, and long-term sustainability.


You will find the Jackfruit mainly in regions along the equator. Our Jack finds its way to us from Thailand and Sri Lanka. The advantage of Jack is that he is edible and usable in its unripe and ripe state. He grows all year round and requires little water. Its tree is vigorous and immune to possible parasites. The need for biological or chemical intervention, if any, is very low. For your applications as a juicy meat alternative, he is harvested unripe and prepared for you.


«Hard shell, soft core» also applies to Jack! In its immature state, its interior is compact yet soft and fibrous, beautifully mimicking the texture of meat and fish. So you can let your creativity run wild with Jack and create vegetarian or vegan recipes that will have even the meat lovers among us snacking. Jack is available in pieces, strips, cubes or chopped and thanks to the IQF (individually quick frozen) technology, Jack is delivered to you fresh and in high quality. Since the young Jack is tasteless and can easily absorb the spices in its texture, you can use it for vegan meatballs, chili sin carne, pulled pork or chicken or in a curry. Often he is also happy to act as a burger patty or be used as a fish substitute – the decision is yours! However, we recommend that you fortify Jack with additional protein, as its own content is low.

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  • is tasteless, he adapts to all your spices and flavors
  • has a fibrous structure, making him perfect imitation for meat and fish
  • is rich in fiber, magnesium, zinc & potassium
  • is also rich in vitamins B6 and C
  • is low in calories and free of sodium
  • is suitable for allergy sufferers – it is free from gluten and lactose
  • has no saturated fats and cholesterol
  • is GMO free and its trees require very little water and no pesticides or chemicals to produce lots of healthy fruit
  • can easily produce on its tree more than 200 jack fruits per year


Jack is a new and delicious alternative in the meat substitute sky. Due to its texture and neutral taste, it offers a wide range of possibilities. Your individuality is supported by Jack, because it adapts exactly to your taste imagination and through the various fruit slices you can easily meet the demand of your consumers.

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