Manufacturers looking for environmentally friendly additives to repel rodents and termites rely on the bitter and odor masterbatches.

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Rodents and termites are known to feast on cables, pipes, bags, and other non-protected plastic products.

Our manufacturing partner has developed an innovative masterbatch based on a microporous polymer with bittering and odorants to spoil the appetite of rodents and termites.


Studies have shown that the use of AR-01 masterbatch causes rodents to pass on the inedibility of the polymer products made from it for generations. It is important to mention here that the ingredients are harmless to animals and the environment. The masterbatch complies with RoHS (EU2015/863) accordingly, is not REACH SVHC listed, is free of heavy metals and meets FDA requirements.


The AR-01 masterbatch is mainly used in the production of cable, pipe, automotive, trash & grain bags, as well as warning tapes in the underground. Accordingly, the masterbatch is also offered in different polymer types (e.g., PE/PVC/EVA). A dosage of 3-4% of the masterbatch leads to an optimal protection of the final product for 10-15 years. The adhesive also disperses well and withstands the process temperatures.

Your advantages

AR-01 masterbatch is suitable to produce various polymer products where rodent and termite repellency are the focus. The following advantages are provided using this high-quality additive:

  • Available in PE/PVC/EVA polymer base
  • Keeps rodents and termites from infesting polymers
  • Long-lasting effectiveness due to controlled release of active ingredients, therefore longer life of finished product (approx. 10-15 years)
  • Effective at low addition rates (3-4%)
  • Easy dispersion in the final product due to the large surface area without affecting the polymer properties
  • Human compatible, ecologically safe
  • RoHS & FDA compliant


The addition of 3-4% of AR-01 masterbatch provides long lasting, effective protection against rodent and termite infestation of polymer products – ecologically safe and RoHS & FDA compliant.

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