Our new manufacturing partner ROHA had its beginnings in the district of Roha in Maharashtra, India. At the beginning of its business activities, the focus was on the production of synthetic colors. From the very beginning, ROHA put its customers at the center of its actions, which shaped the way the group of companies developed. Recognizing new trends, the company “New Foods”- (www.roha.com/new-foods) from Italy was added to the portfolio as early as 1974. New Foods is known worldwide for its wide range of high quality natural dehydrated ingredients and natural enhancers for the food and beverage industry.

Goals New Foods

ROHA recognized the growing demand for ready-to-eat convenience foods early on and focused on strengthening natural ingredients in the market with New Foods.

The goal was and is to preserve the naturalness, nutritional values, freshness, color and taste of the food. Thanks to years of expertise and advanced drying technology, this goal can be realized in excellent quality.

Drying technology 2.0

Keeping an eye on the freshness and nutritional value of raw materials, ROHA has specialized in modified vacuum drying in addition to the well-known applications of steam, spray and air drying. Many of our food products are highly temperature sensitive – leading to loss of color or nutritional value. With modified vacuum drying, ROHA, together with New Foods, addresses this challenge. The natural state and nutritional values are preserved as a result of moisture removal at the lowest possible temperature. The possibility of oxidation reactions due to the low oxygen processing environment is minimized accordingly and thanks to the uniqueness of the process, the organoleptic properties in terms of color and aroma are preserved.

Application New Foods

The product portfolio of New Foods covers a wide range of possibilities and provides you with the most diverse solutions and supplements for your application. Let yourself be inspired and find out what you can do additionally for your application.

New Foods – Italian Delights
New Foods has its origins in “bella italia”, which is also reflected in the various products of the “Italian Delights”. The product line represents the spirit of Italian cuisine.

With the “Italian Delights” you can use fresh tomatoes, aromatic herbs (without discoloration) and authentic cheeses for your various applications such as soups, sauces, rice and risotto preparations and snacks.

New Foods – From our Garden
For us, as well as for our partner ROHA, it is important to supply products of the highest quality. The range of “from our garden” includes the highest and strictest level of quality control. Hierbei wird viel Wert auf die Rückverfolgbarkeit, der aus Italien und dem Mittelmeerraum stammenden Rohstoffe, gelegt.

New Foods – Mushrooms
Mushrooms are diverse, nutritious and are part of the historical portfolio of New Foods.

ROHA offers wild and cultivated mushrooms such as Boletus Edulis (the famous porcini mushroom), Cantharellus cibarius, champignon, shitake, etc. Using reliable sources of raw materials, the mushrooms are processed in a hygienic way and find their application in a wide variety of recipes.

New Foods – Taste Modulation
With the growing consumer demand for clean and healthy food, ROHA offers various taste modulation solutions with New Foods. Your products will taste even more intense and differentiated. You can learn more about this in our article “Taste modulations for your taste explosion” – click here for the article: Taste Modulation

New Foods – Authentic Fruits
Fruits can be deceptive: “fixed on the outside, nothing on the inside”. However, ROHA’s high quality standard and unique vacuum drying technology ensures the authenticity of the fruit and captures the sweet and rich colors of the fruit – giving the muesli bar, yogurt or even ice cream a rich color and strong natural flavor.

New Foods – Global Taste Experience
In an increasingly global and aware society, consumers want not only quality but also new taste experiences. With the “Global Taste Experience” product line, the New Food portfolio offers high-level quality as well as further diversity for your more traditional or international recipes.


The products from the house ROHA are characterized by the following advantages:

  • Preservation of naturalness
  • Preservation of freshness
  • Retention of aroma and taste
  • Flavor intensification
  • No additives
  • Clean label solutions possible
  • Different particle sizes
  • Low moisture and oxidation process
  • Low bacterial content
  • Authenticity
  • GMO free
  • Full traceability


Our new partner ROHA offers you a playground of different ingredients for your various recipes. The goal is always to offer you the highest quality with maximum taste and freshness – be it in your muesli or yogurt with “authentic fruits”, in your focaccia with fresh olives from “from our garden”, in your porcini risotto with “mushrooms” or in your new tomato-coconut curry with “italian delights”, we almost always find a solution.

For more information, the product overview “New Foods” is available.

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