Our long-term partner Nexira (www.nexira.com) is not only strong in processing high-quality acacia fibers. They also know how to utilize other valuable and natural resources. NexOliveTM is obtained from the fruit of the 100-year-old Tunisian Olea Europea.
NexOliveTM is rich in hydroxytyrosol, an ingredient that belongs to the polyphenols and is considered an extremely potent antioxidant.


Understanding the natural antioxidant effect and refuting it with studies, Nexira aims to provide a natural solution for a wide range of food products. The focus is to continue to conserve natural resources and maintain strengthening and supportive business relationships with local partners.


NexOliveTM is a natural antioxidant, GMO-free, and is considered a food ingredient with BIO quality. The fruits to be processed come from very old Tunisian olive trees (Olea Europa) whereby the processing and extraction of the important ingredient hydroxytyrosol, exclusively with water, takes place in France.


NexOliveTM is widely used in various savory & convenience recipes. The product is natural and standardized in hydroxytyrosol. It provides stability in diverse pH values and protects against premature rancidity. The content of hydroxytyrosol helps, for example, in the shelf life of mayonnaise or sauces.

When exposed to strong light, the active ingredient protects the beta-carotene or anthocyanins in the various formulations and ensures a rich color throughout the shelf life. In addition to preventing rancidity and stabilizing color, NexOliveTM also improves fat oxidation.

By adding NexOliveTM, the salad dressing with fresh herbs stays fresh longer, despite the strong influence of light, and does not evoke an early rancid note, even after opening the product.


NexOliveTM is considered a food ingredient with acacia fiber as a carrier and can be declared as:

  • Olive flavor
  • Natural Olive Flavor


NexOliveTM as an antioxidant is characterized by the following properties:

  • Light stable
  • Oxygen stable
  • pH stable
  • 100% water soluble
  • No strong taste
  • Natural product
  • Clean Label
  • GMO-free
  • Produced in France


In a fast-paced world with increasingly mindful and natural-conscious consumers, Nexira’s NexOliveTM offers an excellent clean-label solution.
With the application of NexOliveTM the products are stabilized and protected from the negative effects of oxidation. Thanks to the strong antioxidant properties of hydroxytyrosol, NexOliveTM can be used in a wide range of formulations and creates synergies in production.

Do you want to learn more about NexOliveTM?

Take a look at the brochure on NexOliveTM and see for yourself how effective it is.