The efficient production of technical rubber goods and tyres requires high performance, quality and safety in all processing stages.

In animal experiments, nitrosamines have been shown to be carcinogenic. They are therefore suspected of causing cancer in humans, especially stomach cancer.


The aim is to meet current health and safety requirements and prevent damage to health.


The predispersed masterbatches guarantee dust-free treatment of vulcanising agents, accelerators and vulcanising activators.


To improve processing and production, we offer versatile solutions for various vulcanisation systems and many rubber elastomers. Our high-quality masterbatches effectively optimise the physical and dynamic behaviour of vulcanisates. Our products are already successfully used by various manufacturers in Europe.

Declaration & dosage recommendation

All our products are of course REACH registered and comply with EU standards.


CBS-80 is a slow-curing accelerator. It can be used as a stand-alone accelerator, but more often it is used in various accelerator systems. The dust-free granular form helps to create a healthy working environment. It also reduces wastage during mixing and handling. This enables the extension of a intensive mixing and the High temperature treatment. At 140-160 ° C, a faster and more efficient vulcanisation.


The N-nitrosamine free rubber chemicals offer the following advantages:

  • Faster dispersion
  • – Non-toxic, N-nitrosamine and DPG-free vulcanisation systems
  • Reduction of VOC and hazardous substances in production
  • REACH regulation (for production and application)
  • Full compatibility of the binders used with rubber compounds
  • Higher safety during processing
  • Environmental compatibility (international and European directives)


With nitrosamine-free rubber masterbatches, we offer a unique solution to increase process speed, improve processing safety and thus save costs.

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