When you think of apples, dates, or grapes, you usually think directly of the fruit itself. But the fruit can do more than just look good and taste delicious! With the right processing of the fruit, you get excellent and natural fruit sugar, which can accompany you in any creations.

A sustainable partner

Our manufacturing partner Group Grap’Sud has an industrial department dedicated exclusively to the extraction of the sugar obtained in the fruit. Great care is taken to generate a sustainable circular economy throughout production and processing. In addition to the production of high-quality products, care is taken to use the company’s own waste as fuel for the biomass boilers. No compromises are made with regard to the water required either. For the irrigation of the nearby vineyards and the cultivation of grass for the local cattle, the water is recycled and brought back into the cycle. Thus, not only high-quality but also sustainable products are created.


Grapes, apples, and dates make up the range of fruits used, which combine to form the Nutritis range. The Nutritis portfolio consists of 4 natural and standardized sugars produced by rectification of fruit concentrates. You can choose between rectified grape juice, apple juice, date juice concentrate, or a multi-fruit concentrate with 50% fructose. The sweetening solutions are thus obtained exclusively from fruits and are characterized by the natural presence of monosaccharides.

Application and declaration

You can use the range of fruit sweeteners in a wide variety of applications. Be it in beverages, ice creams, jams, 100% fruit preparations, breakfast cereals, cookies, or dietary products – the excellent quality additionally complements your recipe. Since Nutritis sweetening solutions are made exclusively from fruit, this also enables you to use them in more than one declaration form. The following formulations are available to you, for example:

  • 100% from fruits
  • Sugar extracted from fruits
  • Natural sugar from fruits
  • Origin 100% from fruits


You will receive the following benefits when using Nutritis

  • Clean Label Solution
  • Allergen-free solutions
  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free solution
  • Wide range of applications: from beverages to cookies or breakfast cereals
  • Clear fructose – use without unwanted color changes


Nowadays we need sweet solutions that not only support a recipe but are also in line with the value system and a positive perception of our society. This is exactly what characterizes the Nutritis range from our partner Group Grap’Sud. The eco-design of Nutritis sweetening solutions fits perfectly into the international context of promoting sustainable production. Naturalness and sustainability are therefore not just empty phrases but become tangible and applicable values!

Interested in learning more about what our fruit sweeteners can do?  

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