There are many suppliers of plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powders. The agony of choice makes it difficult to find the right qualities and suppliers. To make life easier for our customers and to support them in product development, we at Falcone Specialities AG offer a one-hand solution with our broad plant extract portfolio.

Our partners

The long-standing manufacturing partners who stand by our side are among the best-in-class producers of specific plant extracts or fruit and vegetable powders. All partners are certified according to GFSI standards and produce partly under GMP Good Manufacturing Practices.


In addition to conventional products, we are able to offer BIO qualities, which are certified according to Bio-Inspecta. Furthermore, our portfolio includes various plant extracts produced under GMP conditions. Our powdery and liquid qualities are characterised by the standardisation of the ingredients.

What distinguishes our portfolio?

Our portfolio in the area of plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powders is characterised as follows:

  • Very wide range
  • one-hand-solution
  • Fruit and vegetable powders are produced using state-of-the-art MVD technology and are therefore very rich in flavour and colour.
  • Plant extracts in powder and liquid form
  • Various used solvents / carriers


Our plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powders are not only exciting for the food supplement industry, but also for the production of food and beverages of all kinds. Some qualities stand out due to their great properties in terms of taste and colour or due to their good water solubility. Choosing the right qualities is crucial.


Are you looking for specific plant extract qualities for your new development project or do you need inspiration? We are happy to support you and offer you possible solutions from our broad portfolio.