The addition of only 0.2-0.4% shows amazing effects:

  • The filler content can be increased up to 70%, while the viscosity remains below 20’000 cps. The end products remain very flexible.
  • The mechanical properties improve significantly (e.g. +50% elongation at break) because the titanate/zirconate monolayer acts as an efficient adhesion promoter.
  • When using coordinated titanates/zirconates, your compound shows increased flame resistance due to phosphorous intumescence.
Titanate / Zirkonate bilden auf Füllstoffen eine monomolekulare Schicht und ermöglichen eine perfekte Dispergierung in der Polymerphase


  • Higher filler load and viscosity reduction: Titanates/Zirconates significantly reduce the viscosity of mineral-filled compounds and allow your compound to be loaded with fillers up to 70-75%.
  • As high-performance adhesion promoters, titanates/zirconates significantly improve the mechanical properties of filled polymers.
  • Flame retardancy through nano titanium phosphorous intumescence. Nano-phosphating to control the combustion rate. Nano-phosphating to control the combustion rate.
  • Lower extrusion temperatures for reactive compounding shear (torque x time) and up to 40% faster extrusion.