Even if the topic around functional foods and dietary supplements is always controversial, their demand is growing steadily. There is a trend towards natural solutions to strengthen the body and immune system.

Plant extracts

For dietary supplements or even functional foods to work at all, the right ingredients are needed. Plant extracts play a central role in this. The challenge here is that there are extraordinarily many plant extracts and each of the extracts has different positive properties, which affect the body differently. Some plant extracts have a positive effect on the immune system, while others are effective in weight management or joint problems.

A solution from a single source

For us, it has always been important to advise you comprehensively and to offer you the best possible solution. A few years ago we started to deepen our competencies and expertise around plant extracts and food supplements.

This way you have the opportunity to get competent advice on powdered and liquid plant extracts without getting lost in the versatile offer. For example, should you be looking for a specific health benefit, such as strengthening cognitive abilities – we’ll be happy to help you keep track and re-inspire.

This is because our plant extracts cover a wide range of needs for optimal market penetration in the field of dietary supplements. It’s not just about the health benefits, but we also offer you various qualities: whether the product standardizes on a specific ingredient, the extract should dissolve in water, or the raw material has a certification such as GMP or organic – you’ll find suitable products here.


If you are in the business of nutritional supplements or functional foods, then you will receive the following benefits with our cooperation:

  • Competent consulting for specific functional challenges
  • Solution-oriented cooperation with scarce availability of goods
  • Plant extracts standardized to ingredients
  • Standardized plant extracts in the form of powder
  • Standardized liquid plant extracts
  • Water soluble plant extracts
  • Various plant extracts with GMP certification
  • Various plant extracts with organic certification


We are passionate about raw materials and this is reflected in our expertise in plant extracts, which find their place in the field of food supplements. Whether you need initial ideas for a health benefit to focus on or you’re looking for a specific ingredient, we’re your one-stop source for holistic solutions to any challenge.