Innovation inspired by nature – that’s our partner Nexira ( For over a hundred years, Nexira has been working on continuous improvement and new innovations from natural resources. The focus is always on nature and the careful use of what it gives us. Whether it is the use of Tunisian cactus or seaweed obtained in the more northern hemispheres – Nexira attaches great importance to long-term, sustainable and good cooperation with local partners.


Keeping an eye on the constant progress and growth in the field of nutritional supplements, Nexira has spent the last few years investigating certain plant extracts in more detail for their properties. With the knowledge gained, they deliver unique solutions in the form of premium extracts that strengthen your formula and stand out from the rest.


In the weight management segment, Nexira offers NEOPUNTIATM, CACTINEATM and ID-ALGTM, three premium extracts that help your formulation and your consumers get the most out of the application. The premium extracts gently support the body in weight management and help to achieve a lasting effect in the body.

NEOPUNTIATM is a patented combination of insoluble and soluble dietary fiber that helps absorb fat and sugar. The 100% prickly pear powder comes from Tunisia and the raw materials are obtained and processed under sustainable conditions. NEOPUNTIATM helps in the elimination of fat, contributing to optimal weight management, without digestive discomfort. Additionally, by taking NEOPUNTIATM, blood sugar levels are positively and significantly affected.
NEOPUNTIATM is available in powder form and in organic quality.

Recommended dosage, for 3 meals per day: 4.8g/day – 1.6g each 15min to 60min after each meal.

The premium extract CACTINEATM is also sustainably extracted from Tunisian cacti. The standardization of ingredients in CACTINEATM hhelps to eliminate excess fluid, while important minerals are still retained by the body CACTINEATM also protects the body from oxidative stress, has a positive impact on chlosterol levels and improves body shape. CACTINEATM is available in powder form and in organic quality. Due to its good properties in terms of water solubility, CACTINEATM is ideal for use liquid dosage forms.

Recommended dosage: 2g each morning

ID-ALGTM is the perfect combination of brown algae and grape seeds as a carrier, which acts as a fat and carbohydrate blocker. The fat and sugar stores in the body are limited which helps to control weight more easily. The brown algae that serve as the basis for this effective extract are harvested by hand from the rocky shores of the North Atlantic. ID-ALGTM is rich in marine polyphenols and manages to block the two main digestive enzymes – lipase and amylase. This lowers body fat mass and optimizes body shape. ID-ALGTM is available in powder form and is ideal for use in capsules, pellets or tablets.

Recommended dosage: 400mg/day – 200mg each before the 2 big meals.


Every person is unique and has different needs. With the three premium extracts NEOPUNTIATM, CACTINEATM and ID-ALGTM, you have a range of needs to cover in the weight management segment. Whether it’s for improved fat and sugar absorption (NEOPUNTIATM), increased elimination of excess body fluid (CACTINEATM), or lowering body fat mass by blocking digestive enzymes (ID-ALGTM) with Nexira’s premium extracts, you can enhance your formula and achieve even more effective results.

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