If you haven’t heard about the protein trend in food yet, you’ll hear from us now at the latest. Proteins play an increasingly important role and not only for athletes. No, most consumers, even the more leisurely among us, have understood that protein is just as important to our daily lives as drinking enough water. In combination with the increasing enthusiasm for plant-based foods, plant-based proteins are also increasingly in the spotlight. We at Falcone Specialities understand this and are always expanding our portfolio of plant-based protein powders.


Together with our partners we focus on market development and demand and expand our offer where necessary. The aim is to offer you the best solution for your application and to support you in plant-based protein enrichment. So that your formulation is improved and the Nutri-Score of your products is optimized.


Plant proteins are concentrated proteins from plants in powder form. Mostly the seeds, nuts or beans are the protein giving part of the plants. The most common plant proteins you will find are: Pea, Rice, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Wheat and Field Bean protein. The protein content varies here from 45% (e.g. sunflower protein) to 80% (pea and rice protein). Depending on the application and need, it makes sense to use a plant protein alone or in combination.


The vegetable proteins can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you want to create a simple protein roll, a crunchy muesli, protein-rich pasta or give your vegan schnitzel a more diversified protein mix – you can’t go wrong with our portfolio of plant-based protein powders. With the use of vegetable protein powders, you increase, among other things, the Nutri-Score and, for example, in the baked goods, your product experiences a longer shelf life or freshness, thanks to the increased water binding.

For more information regarding nutriscore improvement, check out this blogpost:


Vegetable protein powders must be declared as an E-number free food ingredient.


Our broad portfolio of plant proteins is generally characterized by the following properties:

  • Organic qualities available
  • Standardization in protein content
  • GMO-free
  • Improvement of the Nutri-Score
  • Diversification of the amino acid spectrum


Proteins are on everyone’s lips and the increasing demand for them requires an expansion of the range. Thanks to its versatility in various applications, you too can satisfy the needs of your consumers. We at Falcone Specialities are your one-stop source for various proteins and are happy to advise you during your development projects.


You can download a first overview of our portfolio directly here: