Manufacturers who want to improve the extrusion speed of plastic products and achieve uniform mold filling or extrusion, as well as reduce energy consumption, rely on silicone masterbatches from M.G. Polyblends

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Erucamides are traditionally used to improve scratch and abrasion resistance. Over time, the substance migrates to the surface, causing milky stains. When in direct contact with amides, they cause adverse health effects. In addition, amides provide only short-term scratch resistance.

Our solution: We offer high molecular weight silicone-based masterbatches which significantly increase the scratch and abrasion resistance of the polymer and improve the mechanical properties of the extruded/moulded product.


Our silicone masterbatch process aids lower the melt viscosity and improve the lubricating properties of the molded part compound. This also lowers melt flow resistance and facilitates mold release. Our silicone masterbatches also improve the surface quality of finished parts and give them better scratch resistance.

Application example SI-03B

The SI-03B silicone masterbatch is a special development that improves the processability of polyethylene compounds with high mineral filler content for wire and cable applications. It results in less material build-up at the die when extruded with reduced screw torque, lower die pressure and an increase in throughput of up to 110% compared to PE compounds without processing aids.

The wire and cable industry is increasingly using halogen-free flame retardants, but these mineral additives can cause significant processing problems due to the high levels required to make them effective, which do not arise thanks to the use of SI-03B Silicone Masterbatch.

The masterbatch increases the throughput of PE compounds with high mineral content of up to 70% by weight by reducing the required screw torque by up to 30%. This in turn speeds up production and saves energy costs. The silicone masterbatch also helps to

minimize compound build-up at the die and the nozzle pressure, which otherwise require frequent, cleaning-related production interruptions. The product is very effective even at lower aggregates of 0.5 to 1 %.

Your advantages

SI-03B Silicone Masterbatch is suitable for the use of polyethylene compounds with high mineral filler content and is characterized by the following properties:

  • Improved scratch resistance
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Hydrophobicity
  • Improved lubricity of manufactured parts
  • Non-migrating and non-blooming/non-fogging properties
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Higher throughput during production
  • Lower extruder pressure
  • Lower energy consumption during processing
  • Improved mechanical properties such as impact resistance, etc.
  • Non-halogenated flame retardant


With SI-03B we offer a unique solution to increase process speed, improve material properties, and save costs, thanks to the higher throughput speed of up to 110%.

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