Bonding dissimilar and/or flexible substrates is always a big challenge for the end user. For this reason, an adhesive solution is needed which can offer high flexibility and long-term performance. For this challenge, our CG-A119 is the perfect solution.

Our CG-A119 is used as an adhesion promoter for moisture-curing SMP-based adhesives and sealants. When exposed to moisture and incorporation into the final siloxane network, our CG-A119 shows excellent flexibility. In addition, the use of CG-A119 improves the chemical and moisture resistance of your adhesive.

In addition, CG-A119 is used to functionalise polymers with amino reactive groups such as isocyanate prepolymers. This functionalisation leads to new and above all environmentally friendly moisture-curing binders.


  • High flexibility for adhesives and sealants
  • Improved moisture resistance
  • Increased chemical resistance