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Bonding agent / CG-O174

Artificial stone is a composite product based on unsaturated polyester resins and minerals. Silanes provide the chemical bond between the organic resin and the inorganic mineral. This also significantly increases the mechanical strength. 1 – 3 % are sufficient to significantly increase the strength. Advantages: Chemical bond between resin and fillersImproved mechanical propertiesHigher flexural strength

Why amides have no place in your compound

Erucamides are traditionally used to improve scratch and abrasion resistance. From time to time the fabric migrates to the surface, which leads to milky stains. When in direct contact with amides, they have a harmful effect on health. Furthermore, amides only offer short-term scratch resistance.Our solution: We offer high molecular weight silicone-based masterbatches which significantly…

Innovative siloxane for HFFR compounds

Our “CG-VO10” is an innovative “silane-modified siloxane” whose polymer chain consists of vinyl, silica and ethoxy groups, among others. CG-VO10 is excellently suitable as a compatibility additive of organic polymers (PE, EVA, EPDM, etc.) with hydrophobic inorganic fillers (MDH, ATH, etc.). In the presence of moisture the ethoxy groups of CG-VO10 hydrolyse to ethanol and…

Perfect dispersion of any mineral filler with titanates/zirconates

The addition of only 0.2-0.4% shows amazing effects: The filler content can be increased up to 70%, while the viscosity remains below 20’000 cps. The end products remain very flexible.The mechanical properties improve significantly (e.g. +50% elongation at break) because the titanate/zirconate monolayer acts as an efficient adhesion promoter.When using coordinated titanates/zirconates, your compound shows…

PP + nucleating agent = your dream – only cheaper

Save costs and simply replace expensive transparent materials like PET, ABS or PS with PP.By adding nucleating agents you improve the optical and mechanical properties of polypropylene. The result: crystal clear PP with high stiffness and high impact strength. It is also suitable for food contact or odour sensitive applications.Fields of application:PP Masterbatches & Compounds…

FDA-compliant high-performance MDI Polyurethane QUASI systems

Highest performance: Hardness ranges 30 ShA – 70 ShDFDA approved3 components + mercury-free catalystExcellent dynamic and mechanical properties Clear process advantages: Pot lifetime 5-8 minutesLow viscosityDosage per component: >5%Rapid demoulding after 15-20 minutes at the latestPost cure 16 hours at 90-100°C Available as MDI Polyether (PTMEG) or MDI Polyester.