Familiar taste, high-quality ingredients and real sugar reduction. Impossible? Oh yes! Acacia fibre is the secret ingredient: a clean-label solution to reduce the sugar content in your recipes without compromising on taste. When reducing sugar, it is important to balance the various properties that are usually taken over by sugar with the perfect use of alternative raw materials. Acacia fibre takes on this task as a natural texturising agent that supports you in the successful development of low-sugar products. They act as a bulking agent that restores palatability, volume and texture. Acacia fibres improve mouthfeel and help stabilise baked goods by regulating water activity. Odourless, colourless, tasteless and with low viscosity, Nexira’s acacia fibres are quite easy to use. Organic qualities are available! With a fibre content of min. 90% on dry weight, acacia fibres have a positive influence on the fibre content of your baked goods in addition to the many technological advantages.

Acacia fibres in baked goods

By regulating the water activity, acacia fibres help to improve the texture as well as the stability of the products. Furthermore, acacia fibres have a positive influence on preservation and workability.


  • Crunchier and less crumbly texture
  • Excellent sensory properties
  • Keeping baked goods fresh is extended
  • Extended shelf life
  • Fibre enrichment

Our manufacturing partner Nexira conducted a study to illustrate the effect of acacia fibre on the functional and organoleptic properties of a standard biscuit. The texture of the biscuit has been significantly improved by the use of the acacia fibres.

The higher the amount of acacia fibre used, the less crumbly the biscuits became and the better the texture. The detailed results are summarised in the table below.