When it comes to baked goods, consumers attach great importance to “healthy” products with the lowest possible sugar content. The challenge of developing sugar-reduced recipes without sacrificing taste is great. The highly functional acacia fibres make sugar reduction in baked goods possible and have a positive influence on the nutriscore of the products.


To achieve the goal of the lowest possible sugar content, it is essential that the various properties that are usually taken over by sugar are balanced out with the perfect use of alternative raw materials. This task is taken over by acacia fibre as a natural texturizing agent, which supports you in the successful development of sugar-reduced products.


Acacia fibre acts as a filler, restoring palatability, volume and texture. They also improve mouthfeel and help stabilise baked goods by regulating water activity. Furthermore, acacia fibres have a positive influence on preservation and workability.


Odourless, colourless, tasteless and with low viscosity, the acacia fibre qualities from the world market leader Nexira (www.nexira.com) are very easy to use. Organic qualities are available! With a fibre content of at least 90% on the dry weight, acacia fibres have a positive influence on the fibre content of your baked goods in addition to the many technological advantages.

The raw materials to be declared as food ingredient acacia fibres are ideally suited for use in clean label recipes. Baking trials have shown that the best results are achieved with an application rate of 3% acacia fibres to the total recipe.


A reduction of the sugar content is possible with acacia fibres in baked goods of all kinds. From cookies, biscuits, cake batters to donuts, doughnuts, etc., the possibilities are endless.


Acacia fibres offer the following advantages in sugar reduction:

  • Easy to process
  • Clean label
  • Positive effect on the nutriscore (sugar reduction/ fibre enrichment)
  • Excellent sensory properties
  • Extended freshness
  • Positive effect on products shelf life


For most people, giving up sweet baked goods completely is out of the question. It is therefore even more important to develop sugar-reduced bakery products that offer a taste experience and a good nutritional profile. The highly functional acacia fibres help to reduce the sugar content and thus develop “healthy” baked goods. 

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