IR reflective pigment ( Cool Black)

In the course of energy-related façade renovation with external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), there is an unmistakable trend towards more intensive colours on façades. Customers increasingly want darker colours. The problem is that dark surfaces heat up more than light ones when exposed to sunlight. In addition, the surfaces of ETICS heat up much more intensively than solid stone masonry. Therefore, the plaster shell of an ETICS is exposed to great stresses due to the occurring, strong temperature fluctuations of the surface. Cracks and deformations are the result. If one analyses the pigment composition of dark shades with a HBW <20, one quickly finds that black pigments play a central role. The darker and thus more colour-neutral the shade, the blacker pigment is used.

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Expancel microspheres – in heat-insulating paints

Lighter. Stronger. Faster. Cheaper. More attractive. Longer lasting. More efficient. More sustainable.

That’s the world Expancel hollow microspheres were created for. As a long-time partner of Nouryon Expancel, Falcone Specialities helps developers and manufacturers in some 48 industrial applications create innovative solutions and reduce product and manufacturing costs.

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