Flame retardant, perfectly hydrophobic additive for HFFR applications

In many cases, ATH/MDH fillers are the best choice to meet the standardized requirements for HFFR cable compounds. To perfectly embed the filler particles into the polymer matrix, SICO has developed an innovative additive that revolutionizes mechanical properties and LOI (limited oxigen index) of your product.

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SI-03B – High Performance Silicon Masterbatch

Manufacturers who want to improve the extrusion speed of plastic products and achieve uniform mold filling or extrusion, as well as reduce energy consumption, rely on silicone masterbatches from M.G. Polyblends https://www.mg-polyblends.com.

As a long-standing partner of M.G. Polyblends, we incorporate customer needs into the latest developments and keep our finger on the pulse with our innovations.

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Economic efficiency through the replacement of expensive transparent materials

The addition of nucleating agents improves the optical and mechanical properties of polypropylene. The result: crystal clear PP with high stiffness and high impact strength. It is also suitable for food contact or odour sensitive applications. On the one hand, it makes it possible to dispense with cost-intensive materials such as PET, ABS and PS; on the other hand, it shortens cycle times and increases productivity. For these reasons, the nucleating agents are an excellent additive, which is already used by leading manufacturers in Europe.

Fields of application:

PP Masterbatches & Compounds for:

  • Transparent packaging (e.g. food packaging)
  • Injection Moulding
  • Extrusion blow moulding
  • Sheet extrusion
  • Increased gloss and transparency
  • Increased gloss and transparency


The aim is to simply replace costly materials such as PET, ABS or PS with PP by adding nucleating agents to increase economic efficiency.


Recommended dosage: 0.16 – 0.25%, dry mix for at least 5 minutes (speed at 1000rpm) to ensure uniform distribution.

Your advantages

Nucleating agents offer the following advantages:

  • Fast crystallisation, increased re-crystallisation temperature
  • Reduced cycle time and increased productivity
  • High degree of crystallinity, smaller spherulites
  • Improved stiffness and impact strength
  • Increased gloss and transparency
  • Approved for food contact
  • Easy processing


Cost-effectiveness can be improved by simply replacing expensive materials such as PET, ABS and PS with PP. This optimisation is possible thanks to nucleating agents.

For more information you can download the TDS at the following link.

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Our pigment shop information tool

There are a large number of suppliers for inorganic and organic pigments. The agony of choice makes it difficult to find the right qualities and suppliers. To make life easier for our customers and to support them in product development, we launched our information tool www.pigmentshop.eu in summer 2020.

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