Innovative siloxane for HFFR compounds

Our “CG-VO10” is an innovative “silane-modified siloxane” whose polymer chain consists of vinyl, silica and ethoxy groups, among others. CG-VO10 is excellently suitable as a compatibility additive of organic polymers (PE, EVA, EPDM, etc.) with hydrophobic inorganic fillers (MDH, ATH, etc.).
In the presence of moisture the ethoxy groups of CG-VO10 hydrolyse to ethanol and reactive silanol groups. These silanol groups react with the filler via silicon-oxygen bridges. The vinyl functional groups of CG-VO10 can react with the polymer phase in the presence of radicals:
One main application for mineral-filled compounds is the cable industry. EPDM and EVA can be processed into highly filled cable compounds due to the adhesion-promoting and hydrophobising effect of CG-VO10.

CG-VO10 is highly suitable for EPDM and EVA polymers for halogen-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, flame-retardant cable compounds (HFFR) based on ATH and MDH.
The silicic acid incorporated in CG-VO10 reduces the amount of oxygen in the polymer, resulting in a significantly improved oxygen index.


The unique polymer structure of CG-VO10 compared to conventional mono- and oligomeric vinyl silanes is characterized as follows:

  • Innovative combination “flame retardancy” & low vapor pressure
  • Significantly improved limiting oxygen index (LOI) of 2-3 precentage points compared to oligomeric vinyl silanes in HFFR cables
  • Excellent dispersibility in fillers
  • Uniform surface wetting
  • “No-hazardous material” and still chemically reactive for a firm bond with the mineral filler

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