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Liquorice? Yes, please!

The ideal solution for your confectionery portfolio

Liquorice is the root extract of the true liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra). However, the term is also used for liquorice-based confectionery. In addition, liquorice is consumed as a salty variation and is included in numerous other products such as drinks, pastries or snacks to round off the taste and for sweetening. Our supplier offers the following variations of liquorice:

  • Liquorice pastes (easy to use)
  • Liquorice extract powder (also dust-free) from various origins
  • Liquorice powder mixtures or coatings
  • Customised flavourings

But which product clearly stands out? We at Falcone have taken a close look at the liquorice products from our manufacturer and present the liquorice paste to you in more detail.


The liquorice paste is a paste-like mixture of different liquorice blocks. Mixing guarantees consistent quality in the type and intensity of flavour, colour and viscosity. The pasty form of the product simplifies handling during application. A combination of the liquorice paste with other raw materials is possible and is offered by our manufacturing partner. This creates a “tailor-made” product. The following can be adapted:

  • the glycyrrhizin content
  • the taste (ammonia or anise)
  • other flavours if required
  • the colour
  • the addition of glucose or other starch sweetening products


Loosening liquorice blocks is a lengthy process that leads to contamination in production due to smearing or dusting. Due to the long duration, it poses a microbiological risk or leads to a bitter taste of the liquorice solution when elevated temperatures are applied. Using liquorice paste avoids the lengthy dissolving process, the process remains clean and free of microbiological risks, and the taste remains constant and pure. The liquorice paste can be used immediately.