Organic Coating agent with sustainability claim

Not all nuts are the same, even if it sounds that way at first glance. In botany, only a dry plant fruit that falls off as a whole with the help of a separating tissue is a nut – for example, the hazelnut. Although partially botanically incorrect, there are, however, very many nuts in our linguistic usage: Cashews, peanuts, pistachios, macadamias, almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc. Just as wide as the nut selection is, you can also process them differently in terms of taste.

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Clean-Label Colors for confectionery

Who knows the shining children’s eyes when entering a colorful candy store? Color is, even for adults, the most important feature of confectionery. For producers, it is always a challenge to find suitable color shades for confectionery to attract the attention of consumers. In addition to the difficulty of formulating a bright and stable shade, the combination of color and flavours is also challenging.

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E171 Titanium dioxide – suitable alternatives

Due to possible cancer risks, the additive E171 titanium dioxide contained in numerous foods is no longer considered safe. This is the assessment of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in a study published in May 2021. The food industry is now challenged and on the intensive search for suitable alternative products.

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inaveaTM – sustainable acacia fibres

As the world market leader for gum acacia, our partner Nexira ( is aware of its environmental responsibility and leads by example. In 2020, Nexira launched the first premium brand for organic and sustainable acacia fibres under the brand name inaveaTM PURE ACACIA.

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