Italian Delights – High level delicacies

Whether we Swiss would support our Italian neighbor in soccer remains to be seen. But when it comes to food, we can be sure that Italian cuisine scores almost everywhere. From an early age, we grow up with spaghetti bolognese, pizza or a tomato (ready-made) risotto.

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Substitute for carmine – a little less crazy red food coloring

Surely you have heard from “carmine”. Its use dates to the time when Europeans visited America in the 15th century and the Aztecs introduced them to cochineal extract. At that time, the red dye extracted from cochineal insects was used for dyeing fabrics. From this first application in textiles developed, among others, the food color E120 carmine, which reached worldwide fame.

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Color your dairy products

Spring and autumn certainly have one thing in common: many colorful and intense color creations!
Whether a beautiful Easter bouquet or yet a colorful autumn plate, nature produces the most diverse color constellations, especially at these times of year. Recognizing the colors of nature and following the trend of naturalness, our partner ROHA ( has expanded their expertise and combined it in the coloring food line “FUTURALS”.

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Food Coloring – for colorful food & drinks

Our manufacturing partner ROHA ( already decided to make the world more colorful when the company was founded in 1972. Dank den hohen Qualitätsstandards überzeugt ROHA die Kunden weltweit mit einem breiten Portfolio an färbenden Lebensmittelzutaten, Lebensmittelfarben und Pigmenten für die Kosmetik- / Pharmaindustrie.

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New Foods – Discover the variety from ROHA

Our new manufacturing partner ROHA had its beginnings in the district of Roha in Maharashtra, India. At the beginning of its business activities, the focus was on the production of synthetic colors. From the very beginning, ROHA put its customers at the center of its actions, which shaped the way the group of companies developed. Recognizing new trends, the company “New Foods”- ( from Italy was added to the portfolio as early as 1974. New Foods is known worldwide for its wide range of high quality natural dehydrated ingredients and natural enhancers for the food and beverage industry.

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Our plant extract portfolio

There are many suppliers of plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powders. The agony of choice makes it difficult to find the right qualities and suppliers. To make life easier for our customers and to support them in product development, we at Falcone Specialities AG offer a one-hand solution with our broad plant extract portfolio.

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Protein enrichment of your products

If you haven’t heard about the protein trend in food yet, you’ll hear from us now at the latest. Proteins play an increasingly important role and not only for athletes. No, most consumers, even the more leisurely among us, have understood that protein is just as important to our daily lives as drinking enough water. In combination with the increasing enthusiasm for plant-based foods, plant-based proteins are also increasingly in the spotlight. We at Falcone Specialities understand this and are always expanding our portfolio of plant-based protein powders.

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ThixogumTM for stabilization and texturing of plant or dairy based beverages

In beverage formulations based on plants and dairy, emulsifiability, stabilization and suspension of insoluble particles such as fruit pulp, minerals and proteins are major challenges. Often, additional raw materials are desired to improve texture or provide a unique mouthfeel. The highly functional ThixogumTM grades contribute to easy stabilization and texturization of beverages.

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