Our infotool

We are live! Our new website “www.pflanzenextrakte.ch” is online and informs you through and through about the products we represent with the best conscience. With much love and care we maintain the database and constantly feed the website with new content.

Product selection:

  • Standardisation on the ingredients
  • High-quality plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powders from best-in-class manufacturers
  • Focus on powdered raw materials
  • Organic and GMP qualities
  • Sorting of products according to health benefits, e.g.
    • Immunity
    • Digestive health
    • Cognitive performance

What you’ll get:

  • Detailed information on the products
  • Latest data sheets for download
  • Online sample order in a few clicks
  • Personal advice from your account manager
  • Holistic customer service

Caramel sugar

Our caramelised sugars and caramel colourings have the properties to enhance the signature of products – be it by intensifying the colour and/or nuancing the flavour.

Our products are available in light to dark brown colour and in powder as well as liquid form. Due to 100% natural ingredients in selected products, clean label solutions are possible for any application.

Although the basis of these products is sugar, the products contain only a small percentage of sugar after passing through the production process.