NUTRICOSMETICS – The beauty from within

When nutrition and cosmetics combine, the result is «Nutricosmetics».

An oral application that, compared to the traditional beauty routine, supports the body with important nutrients and active ingredients from the inside out and has a positive effect on our appearance. So, with the supplementation of essential nutrients in our body, the cells to be renewed receive a strengthening impulse and protect the skin, hair and nails from the inside.

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Food Coloring – for colorful food & drinks

Our manufacturing partner ROHA ( already decided to make the world more colorful when the company was founded in 1972. Dank den hohen Qualitätsstandards überzeugt ROHA die Kunden weltweit mit einem breiten Portfolio an färbenden Lebensmittelzutaten, Lebensmittelfarben und Pigmenten für die Kosmetik- / Pharmaindustrie.

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CogniviaTM – unique combination of sage

Cognitive performance describes the overall functioning and effectiveness of our brain. A well-developed brain is able to solve challenges faster, recognize connections more clearly and process information effectively.

Whether working for hours in the home office, studying intensively for final exams or a hight concentration in e-sports, the demands on our brains are immense. Natural ingredients that enhance cognitive performance are becoming important ingredients in the food supplement industry. CogniviaTM from our manufacturing partner Nexira is a highly effective ingredient for food supplement products to improve the cognitive performance.

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Acacia fibres for perfect digestive health

Our long-standing partner Nexira ( is a world leader in the production of Gum Arabic. In recent years, however, Nexira has expanded its expertise and built a diverse portfolio of ingredients from natural sources. Among other products, Nexira offers a wide range of natural and standardized acacia fiber ingredients for healthy intestinal flora.

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Premium extracts for effective weight management

Innovation inspired by nature – that’s our partner Nexira ( For over a hundred years, Nexira has been working on continuous improvement and new innovations from natural resources. The focus is always on nature and the careful use of what it gives us. Whether it is the use of Tunisian cactus or seaweed obtained in the more northern hemispheres – Nexira attaches great importance to long-term, sustainable and good cooperation with local partners.

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inaveaTM – sustainable acacia fibres

As the world market leader for gum acacia, our partner Nexira ( is aware of its environmental responsibility and leads by example. In 2020, Nexira launched the first premium brand for organic and sustainable acacia fibres under the brand name inaveaTM PURE ACACIA.

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Our information tool for plant extracts

There are many suppliers of plant extracts, fruit- and vegetable powders The agony of choice makes it difficult to find the right qualities and suppliers. To make life easier for our customers and to support them in product development, we launched our information tool in summer 2020.

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Boost your immunity

Whether during the flu season or spontaneous pandemic times, the immune system and the strengthening of the same takes an increasingly important part of our society. So that you hit the right nerve in the development of your food supplement and can create an innovative and successful “Immunity Booster”, we will be happy to advise you and offer you an initial overview here.

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Protein enrichment of your products

If you haven’t heard about the protein trend in food yet, you’ll hear from us now at the latest. Proteins play an increasingly important role and not only for athletes. No, most consumers, even the more leisurely among us, have understood that protein is just as important to our daily lives as drinking enough water. In combination with the increasing enthusiasm for plant-based foods, plant-based proteins are also increasingly in the spotlight. We at Falcone Specialities understand this and are always expanding our portfolio of plant-based protein powders.

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