Colour Masterbatches for Plastics

With our colour masterbatches, you benefit from the simplest processability, distinct colour strength and perfect dispersion in your plastic products or compounds.

Are you tired of using dust-dry powder pigments and tediously dispersing them?

Do you want to achieve your high-quality plastic product in as few steps as possible?

Read on and convince yourself of our colour masterbatches for the plastics industry!

Generally, powdered pigments have agglomerates that cannot be further broken down into primary particles by grinding processes or milling. This problem is mainly observed with the pigments phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, red, yellow and others.

In conventional masterbatches, this problem exists as such with only minor improvements. These agglomerates lead to so-called “specs” (poor dispersion due to non-dispersed particles) in blown films, thin injection-moulded parts and other thin plastic parts.

In our mono-colour masterbatches, the pigment is dispersed to the finest possible particle size by the use of special dispersing agents and additives by following strict process conditions.

These mono-colour masterbatches provide excellent dispersion in end-use applications and are available in red, yellow, blue, green, violet, and orange.

Food contact approved products are available for each colour.

Our colour masterbatches are highly suitable for the following applications:

  • Films (single and multi-layer)
  • Blow moulded parts
  • PP fibres
  • Injection moulded parts (especially thin-walled parts)
  • Compounds

The following advantages set you apart from your competitors:

  • Consistent colour strength
  • Excellent and uniform dispersion
  • Economic efficiency

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