Italian Delights – High level delicacies

Whether we Swiss would support our Italian neighbor in soccer remains to be seen. But when it comes to food, we can be sure that Italian cuisine scores almost everywhere. From an early age, we grow up with spaghetti bolognese, pizza or a tomato (ready-made) risotto.

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Dried mushrooms – wild & cultivated varieties

“There are mushrooms everywhere…” – not only the famous Swiss singer Peach Weber stated this, but also our partner ROHA recognized more than 40 years ago that mushrooms can be used in many ways and, contrary to Peach Weber’s opinion, are extremely popular!

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Color your Pasta and Noodles

Our partner ROHA ( has been providing innovative and sustainable products for decades, offering a wide range of possibilities in the food and beverage industry.
Especially in food coloring, it is important to provide clean solutions that can be applied to the entire category of ready-to-eat foods without concern. ROHA’s scientists have years of in-depth expertise, which is based on the latest trends and guidelines. This enables them to produce high-quality color products that can meet a wide range of challenges.

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The way to the ideal fibre enrichment

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a daily intake of dietary fibre of 30 g. However, in most European countries, the average intake is below this recommended amount. Fibre fortification of everyday foods represents an opportunity to help consumers close this fibre gap. After all, the easiest way to achieve a balanced and healthy diet is to maintain consumers’ dietary habits. Dietary fibre is divided into three distinct groups – insoluble, soluble and combined.

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Our plant extract portfolio

There are many suppliers of plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powders. The agony of choice makes it difficult to find the right qualities and suppliers. To make life easier for our customers and to support them in product development, we at Falcone Specialities AG offer a one-hand solution with our broad plant extract portfolio.

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