Why amides have no place in your compound

Erucamides are traditionally used to improve scratch and abrasion resistance. From time to time the fabric migrates to the surface, which leads to milky stains. When in direct contact with amides, they have a harmful effect on health. Furthermore, amides only offer short-term scratch resistance.

Our solution: We offer high molecular weight silicone-based masterbatches which significantly increase the scratch and abrasion resistance of the polymer and improve the mechanical properties of the extruded/moulded product.

SI-03B is a specially formulated masterbatch for HFFR compounds containing high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane dispersed in polyolefin. SI-03B is used as an additive in polyethylene compatible systems.


  • Low coefficient of friction (CoF)
  • High surface gloss on extruded material
  • High abrasion resistance, like HDPE pipes/cables
  • Improved lubricity
  • Efficient demoulding
  • Higher production output

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