Technical cellulose fibre Asphalt road construction

The technical cellulose fibre products we sell are manufactured by CFF in Germany and are used in asphalt road construction. Only natural and recycled raw materials are processed for this purpose.

TOPCEL® cellulose fibre products are successfully used as binder carriers in asphalt road construction worldwide. They are made from a specially developed technical cellulose.

It is used worldwide as a binder carrier for the production of Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA), Semi-Dense Asphalt (SDA), Open-Pore Asphalt (OPA), high stability binder courses as well as in binder-rich special construction methods.

TOPCEL® is used for all types of asphalt with a high binder content.

It prevents the binder from running off mineral aggregates.

In addition, segregation phenomena are avoided during transport and when laying the mix.

The following properties and advantages are given:

  • Excellent dissolving behaviour in the mixing process
  • Free-flowing and stable pellet for automatic metering
  • Technical binder carrier without modifying additives
  • No adaptation of the asphalt recipe necessary

The technical cellulose fibres are offered as different product types for the various fields of application.

  • TOPCEL® – Cellulose binder carrier in pellet form, without modifying additives
  • TOPCEL G® – cellulose binder carrier in granulated form, without modifying additives
  • TOPCEL® add – multi-component pellets with various bitumen-modifying additives

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