Dried mushrooms – wild & cultivated varieties

“There are mushrooms everywhere…” – not only the famous Swiss singer Peach Weber stated this, but also our partner ROHA recognized more than 40 years ago that mushrooms can be used in many ways and, contrary to Peach Weber’s opinion, are extremely popular!

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Beef extract in powder form for your tasty dry recipes

Germany, 19th century. – …once upon a time, a chemist by the name of Justus Liebig (1803 – 1873) had the grandiose idea of extracting beef and giving the sickening cholera-stricken daughter of a colleague the extract as a fortifying diet. The young girl recovered, and the positive effect of the meat extract received more and more attention. Soon after, the beef surplus was used in Uruguay and Argentina and the beef extract was able to conquer the world.

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Substitute for carmine – a little less crazy red food coloring

Surely you have heard from “carmine”. Its use dates to the time when Europeans visited America in the 15th century and the Aztecs introduced them to cochineal extract. At that time, the red dye extracted from cochineal insects was used for dyeing fabrics. From this first application in textiles developed, among others, the food color E120 carmine, which reached worldwide fame.

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Creamer for sauces & soups

Our long-standing partner DP Supply (www.dpsupply.com) specializes in highly functional, spray-dried fat powders and has been driven by customer needs and emerging market trends since its inception. This enables DP Supply to promote innovation and, in addition to the standard portfolio, to bring unconventional fat powders to market that precisely meet growing market requirements.

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Food Coloring – for colorful food & drinks

Our manufacturing partner ROHA (www.roha.com) already decided to make the world more colorful when the company was founded in 1972. Dank den hohen Qualitätsstandards überzeugt ROHA die Kunden weltweit mit einem breiten Portfolio an färbenden Lebensmittelzutaten, Lebensmittelfarben und Pigmenten für die Kosmetik- / Pharmaindustrie.

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JACKFRUIT – The perfect vegan meat and fish alternative

Today I introduce you to the Jackfruit also known as «Jack». Jack is the largest fruit in the world and is at home in Southeast Asia, among other places. In its unripe state, as a young Jackfruit, he is suitable as a wonderful meat and fish alternative and enchants even the biggest meat lovers among us. Jack as a young unripe fruit is neutral in taste and will happily absorb your spice and flavor mixtures into its flesh. There are no limits to your applications!

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The way to the ideal fibre enrichment

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a daily intake of dietary fibre of 30 g. However, in most European countries, the average intake is below this recommended amount. Fibre fortification of everyday foods represents an opportunity to help consumers close this fibre gap. After all, the easiest way to achieve a balanced and healthy diet is to maintain consumers’ dietary habits. Dietary fibre is divided into three distinct groups – insoluble, soluble and combined.

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NexOliveTM – the natural antioxidant

Our long-term partner Nexira (www.nexira.com) is not only strong in processing high quality acacia fibers, but also knows how to utilize other valuable and natural resources. The fruit of the 100-year-old Tunisian Olea Europaea is used to produce NexOliveTM, an extract rich in hydroxytyrosol. An ingredient that belongs to the polyphenols and is considered an extremely potent antioxidant.

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New Foods – Discover the variety from ROHA

Our new manufacturing partner ROHA had its beginnings in the district of Roha in Maharashtra, India. At the beginning of its business activities, the focus was on the production of synthetic colors. From the very beginning, ROHA put its customers at the center of its actions, which shaped the way the group of companies developed. Recognizing new trends, the company “New Foods”- (www.roha.com/new-foods) from Italy was added to the portfolio as early as 1974. New Foods is known worldwide for its wide range of high quality natural dehydrated ingredients and natural enhancers for the food and beverage industry.

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Taste modulations or your taste explosion

La Rouchefoucauld’s motto “Eating is a need, enjoying is an art” is lived and constantly expanded every day at our manufacturer ROHA.

ROHA understands that for maximum enjoyment, tasty and healthier food is a foundation for living in a modern, fast-paced world. With ROHA’s latest development, you can now apply TASTE MODULATIONS (www.roha.com/new-foods) to any of your recipes for even more intense flavor explosions, thanks to the vegetable base.

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