Italian Delights – High level delicacies

Whether we Swiss would support our Italian neighbor in soccer remains to be seen. But when it comes to food, we can be sure that Italian cuisine scores almost everywhere. From an early age, we grow up with spaghetti bolognese, pizza or a tomato (ready-made) risotto.

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Dried mushrooms – wild & cultivated varieties

“There are mushrooms everywhere…” – not only the famous Swiss singer Peach Weber stated this, but also our partner ROHA recognized more than 40 years ago that mushrooms can be used in many ways and, contrary to Peach Weber’s opinion, are extremely popular!

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Beef extract in powder form for your tasty dry recipes

Germany, 19th century. – …once upon a time, a chemist by the name of Justus Liebig (1803 – 1873) had the grandiose idea of extracting beef and giving the sickening cholera-stricken daughter of a colleague the extract as a fortifying diet. The young girl recovered, and the positive effect of the meat extract received more and more attention. Soon after, the beef surplus was used in Uruguay and Argentina and the beef extract was able to conquer the world.

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Taste modulations or your taste explosion

La Rouchefoucauld’s motto “Eating is a need, enjoying is an art” is lived and constantly expanded every day at our manufacturer ROHA.

ROHA understands that for maximum enjoyment, tasty and healthier food is a foundation for living in a modern, fast-paced world. With ROHA’s latest development, you can now apply TASTE MODULATIONS ( to any of your recipes for even more intense flavor explosions, thanks to the vegetable base.

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Our plant extract portfolio

There are many suppliers of plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powders. The agony of choice makes it difficult to find the right qualities and suppliers. To make life easier for our customers and to support them in product development, we at Falcone Specialities AG offer a one-hand solution with our broad plant extract portfolio.

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