La Rouchefoucauld’s motto “Eating is a need, enjoying is an art” is lived and constantly expanded every day at our manufacturer ROHA.

ROHA understands that for maximum enjoyment, tasty and healthier food is a foundation for living in a modern, fast-paced world. With ROHA’s latest development, you can now apply TASTE MODULATIONS ( to any of your recipes for even more intense flavor explosions, thanks to the vegetable base.


The focus here is to preserve the naturalness of fruits, vegetables and herbs and combine them in a flavor symbiosis. ROHA New Foods’ technologically advanced drying technique preserves the freshness, color, flavor and nutritional value of the dehydrated ingredients. Each TASTE MODULATION gets its own intense flavor, which brings out the best of your recipe.


With the growing consumer demand for clean and healthy eating, we can offer several taste modulation solutions to bring more intense tasting products to the market. Whether it is the need enhancing sweetness, reducing salt, elevating umami and mouthfeel, masking bitterness or off-notes, the portfolio of taste modifiers are the solutions to improve the natural taste of healthy foods.


The unique combinations of yeast and various dehydrated vegetable powders and herbs create, depending on the ratio, the most diverse TASTE MODULATIONS. The range of flavors extends from umami to vegetable beef broth. Thus, ROHA’s TASTE MODULATIONS can be used in a variety of ways and find a place in meat-based products as well as vegetarian – and vegan recipes. By matching the various ingredients, the TASTE MODULATIONS support your product in taste and help e.g. meat alternatives not only to look like a beef burger pattie, but also to taste like one – and this without a gram of meat.


Our plant-based TASTE MODULATIONS are characterized by the following properties:

  • Flavor intensification
  • Clean label solutions possible
  • Different particle sizes
  • Low moisture and oxidation process
  • Low bacterial content
  • Authenticity
  • GMO free
  • Full traceability

You can thus give your product an extra portion of spice, if required also meat- and worry-free! Depending on the application, we can also adapt to your needs and offer individualized solutions.

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