When formulating textured, special effects or anti-slip surfaces the fillers which create the unique surface property, vary in size and density, and normally require stabilising additives to avoid sedimentation of individual components.


With TECHNOCEL G® from CFF GmbH & Co. KG, we offer a lightweight filler developed to create cost-effective, innovative and unique surfaces without the need for stabilisers.

Applicable to abrasion resistant surfaces as well as “soft touch” coatings, formulators and manufacturers have found that replacing the use of mineral and synthetic fillers through TECHNOCEL G® , reduces the use of expensive dispersants.

TECHNOCEL G® remains stable in the mixing environment despite high shear forces, resulting in a predictable, uniform and environmentally friendly surface effect.

Thanks to their natural and renewable origin, TECHNOCEL G® products are 100% biodegradable and do not lead to any physiological or toxicological adverse effects.

  • High physical water absorption and effective water retention capacity
  • Insoluble, chemically inert natural fibre granulate
  • 100% biodegradable
  • No REACH certification and SVHC declaration necessary


The texturising TECHNOCEL G® fibre is used in both paints and plasters to create innovative, unique and sustainable surfaces.

For this purpose, various defined particle sizes are available to produce fine- and coarse-textured surfaces.


Compared to conventional fillers, no additional stabilising additives are necessary to avoid sedimentation. This enables simple and dust-free dosing in the production process and leads to uncomplicated processing in the final application.

A great advantage is that the TECHNOCEL G® product range is suitable for efficient application by the user, as the paint or plaster can be optimally applied in all common rolling and spraying processes.

This finally leads to an excellent end result and also facilitates the handling of the product. This is what it can look like when you use TECHNOCEL G® fibres.

In the following reference images, the fibres were used in emulsion paint:

Your advantages

The following advantages are achieved by using TECHNOCEL G®:

  • Easy to stabilise in contrast to conventional products
  • Cost reduction
  • Dust free use
  • Easy processing and dosing
  • Can be used for “soft touch” surfaces with low abrasion
  • Ideal for roller and spray application
  • Shear stable particles in cubic form


With the sustainable TECHNOCEL G® fibres we offer an innovative solution for the production of unique surface coatings. Thanks to the simplest application by roller or spray gun, the end product is a complete success for both manufacturer and consumer.

Available G-types

  • TECHNOCEL® 50G –> white fibre granulates, ∅ particle size 50µm
  • TECHNOCEL® 200G –>white fibre granulates, ∅ particle size 300µm
  • TECHNOCEL® 400G –> white fibre granulates, ∅ particle size 600µm

For more information, you can download the product data sheet under the following link.

PDF for download, if mail address is given